THE BEST IT20! | As Voted for by You! | England v Pakistan 3rd IT20 | IT20 World Cup of Matches 

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After 12 matches, 4 groups and 2 semi-finals, the IT20 World Cup of Matches comes to a close. You have voted in your thousands and the winner is... England v Pakistan 3rd IT20, 2020!
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4. jan.. 2021





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Saeed Rajput
Saeed Rajput 10 timer siden
Pakistan Zindabad😊
Fawad khan
Fawad khan Dag siden
Moin Ali played classical shots❤️
II Parachute Regiment
Come on England?!?! Weldone Mr Ali ... congratulations Pakistan on the win
#M. Rafay
#M. Rafay 2 dager siden
RWJ Creations
RWJ Creations 2 dager siden
We have scored in eng 190+ but every one says only does in africs when we does that enywhere else than we will see. My foot... Lolx people
GOD Nemesis
GOD Nemesis 2 dager siden
10:33 miss stumping Meanwhile captain: bhut achay shabash Mean while other 10: aji l**d achay abhi target chase ho jaata agar moeen ali bachta toh😂😂
Qaisar iqbal Hafiz
Qaisar iqbal Hafiz 2 dager siden
Hafeez good batting😍😎
Hit Man
Hit Man 3 dager siden
Sarfaraz amr voda marka wicket keeper
Suhaib Hasan
Suhaib Hasan 4 dager siden
Wahab Riaz the most underrated bowler of the universe
Umair Hussnain
Umair Hussnain 4 dager siden
Pak is Love 🔥 # pakistan zindabad
Ahmad naat collection.
BaBaR AzAm...🐅
Ch Arbaz 007
Ch Arbaz 007 5 dager siden
Pak vs eng 😍
Mr. farooqui
Mr. farooqui 5 dager siden
There is some similarities between Haider Ali and India's Abdul samad
Naved Alam
Naved Alam 6 dager siden
11:32 amazing
Nazar Ahmad
Nazar Ahmad 6 dager siden
Hafeez is good batsman
syed magdoom rasith
syed magdoom rasith 6 dager siden
மொயின் அலி மாஸ் பேட்டிங்
Abdullah Al Noman
Abdullah Al Noman 6 dager siden
Sarfaraz took a bribe. Because he didn't get Moeen out even when he got a chance.
Hr Haroon
Hr Haroon 9 dager siden
Love you Pakistan
Time Pass
Time Pass 10 dager siden
Waqas Ahmed
Waqas Ahmed 10 dager siden
Modern day rivalry
Raofeen Faheen Sayera
Raofeen Faheen Sayera 11 dager siden
Moeen Ali have a golden heart He is a silent killer Love you man
Arbab Tiwana
Arbab Tiwana 12 dager siden
Hafeez is brava man and brave batsman is well
hassan 12 dager siden
๓ ɮօӼɛʀ
๓ ɮօӼɛʀ 13 dager siden
Thanks ☺️
Israq Hassan
Israq Hassan 15 dager siden
Well done Pakistan.Well done Hafiz,Babar Azam,Shahin Afridi and Wahab Riaz also.
Sohag Ksa
Sohag Ksa 15 dager siden
Pakistan is worlds best cricket team they are like miracle can beat any top team unthinkable 1n of best team full on etertainment by pakistan cricket
Salman Ali
Salman Ali 15 dager siden
Hafeez and haider Ali 🔥🔥🔥🔥 lv u
PREMLATA SINHA 18 dager siden
Sarfu bhai op
Rahul Satish
Rahul Satish 18 dager siden
Bahut Sahi. Saabash! Sarfaraz, really? You do know we're watching what you just did, right?
Dania Khan
Dania Khan 15 dager siden
Abdullah al Mamun
Abdullah al Mamun 18 dager siden
Sounds of everything hitting everything is so damn clear
Nirmal Jeet
Nirmal Jeet 18 dager siden
The way pakistan finishes match..... Poor leadership.... Always meme content..😭
Saddam Hussain
Saddam Hussain 19 dager siden
haider seems an amazing player, proper cricketing shots.
Rushikesh Patil
Rushikesh Patil 19 dager siden
Lol Tom curran is too good for your so called King babar ....xd
Kamal Khan
Kamal Khan 19 dager siden
Aise chutiya keeper ko rakha koun hai
Muzammil Mehdi Arifi
Muzammil Mehdi Arifi 19 dager siden
I love you haidar Ali
Muzammil Mehdi Arifi
Muzammil Mehdi Arifi 19 dager siden
I love you haidar Ali joining team in Pakistan please
game game
game game 19 dager siden
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma 20 dager siden
My favourite filders all Pakistani players 😘💪
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 20 dager siden
Sallu Khan.PK studio
Sallu Khan.PK studio 20 dager siden
Itna thori pit te hen bhai
Sallu Khan.PK studio
Sallu Khan.PK studio 20 dager siden
Shaheen afridi is a good minded bowler
Zohaibraja Zohaibraja
Now hafeez is dangrous power hitter in t20 for world cricket
Aamir 21 dag siden
10:29 what sarfraz has done there
abdul abbasi
abdul abbasi 21 dag siden
Haidar ali and shaheen are gems for pakistan
MH Sanwal
MH Sanwal 21 dag siden
At the wahab’s over won the match for Pakistan
Amaan Ismail
Amaan Ismail 22 dager siden
Hafeez:The Ease.5:32
Waqar Kiyani
Waqar Kiyani 22 dager siden
Waqar Kiyani
Waqar Kiyani 22 dager siden
Bannu Karumanchi
Bannu Karumanchi 23 dager siden
9:16 Bobby 😂😂😂😂
Jafri Amir
Jafri Amir 23 dager siden
Haafiz Sb ka wicket nahin le rahe. Unhein run banane de rahe hain.Baqi sab ko out kare ja rahe hain. Last mein phir mouqa diya. Unhonein phir catch utha diya. Wahab Riaz ne taish mein aa kar catch le liya. Bas phir kya do minute mein England ki team Haafiz Sb ke baad tain tain phis ho gayee. Baat sach hai saare Pakistani Haafiz Sb ke deewaane hain. Lekin Allah ka mojiza dekhiye iss sab ke bawajood bhi Iss match ko Talent ne hi jeeta
Simon 'Ghost' Riley
Simon 'Ghost' Riley 23 dager siden
14:13 😂Babar Azam being Virat Kohli
Amar gujjar
Amar gujjar 4 dager siden
He doesn't need to be like virat kohli because he is already better so why try to be something that's not on the same level
Proud Pakistani
Proud Pakistani 11 dager siden
Are bhai bhai 😂
parvesh khan khan
parvesh khan khan 24 dager siden
Haider ail good bating
Mustafa Ashraf
Mustafa Ashraf 24 dager siden
Sarfaraz on every ball:CATCH IT!!
MS ANSARI 25 dager siden
sakta jab raat ko kutte ka record Tod de
MS ANSARI 25 dager siden
Beston baba rizwan is my friend Babar Azam is best batsman top 10 from one batsman Babar Azam is one
Zaid Ansari
Zaid Ansari 25 dager siden
2:10 what is Heisenberg doing on the field??
Fardeen Faizan
Fardeen Faizan 25 dager siden
Love to see cricket in England swing in boundary eye pleasuring scorecard theme and beautiful weather
Umair Khan
Umair Khan 26 dager siden
Hafeez bhai best
Lasith Malinga
Lasith Malinga 26 dager siden
Pakistan t20 very dangerous😉❤️‍🔥
Lasith Malinga
Lasith Malinga 26 dager siden
10:29 Wht happened ?
MaazMAH 26 dager siden
FrOsTOP 26 dager siden
Amazing.....that was out standing match
Seeker of Truth
Seeker of Truth 26 dager siden
Pakistan Bowling sucks... in comparison to 10 years ago. Though batting is heavily improved.
Aryan Raj
Aryan Raj 27 dager siden
Wood , Jofra, Buttler, Malan ,Sam Curran ya sab kyu nhi Khel rha tha 🙄🙄
Sheikh ahtasham
Sheikh ahtasham 27 dager siden
Sarfraz says in last second :bass hogaya khtm khtm 😅😅😅🤣🤣
k J
k J 28 dager siden
Aggressive khelein.😄😄
mustafa munir
mustafa munir 28 dager siden
Pak win
Rayan Siddiqui
Rayan Siddiqui 28 dager siden
Wahab Riaz turning the game for Pakistan👍🙄
HAIDER MALIK 28 dager siden
Pakistan zindabad
Shadow Games Hunter
Shadow Games Hunter 28 dager siden
Pakistan jindabad. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Night Porter
Night Porter 28 dager siden
How is this voted best T20? England were missing Archer, Wood, Broad, Anderson, Sam Curran from bowling unit. From batting unit: Roy, Hales, Butler and Stokes were not there. This was England's A side.
Moez Jadran
Moez Jadran 28 dager siden
Ashwani Kumar
Ashwani Kumar 28 dager siden
Now SKY>>>Babar
37 kashif
37 kashif 28 dager siden
3DM 28 dager siden
Nishir Gaming
Nishir Gaming 28 dager siden
I love shahid Afridy.that's why i follow pk cricket.. Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩😍🇵🇰
Shashank Rollno.11
Shashank Rollno.11 29 dager siden
Abe in Pakistani nibbo se achha to Mai khel lu
ABDULLAH SAYED 29 dager siden
Abid Kehar
Abid Kehar 29 dager siden
14:21 thek hai Ok Ok Ok ok ok
Justfor U
Justfor U 29 dager siden
10:29 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Norma Taylor
Norma Taylor 29 dager siden
The giddy opera simulteneously face because plantation lally try worth a combative fowl. upset, observant rod
Vinod Khoda
Vinod Khoda 29 dager siden
10:30 sarafraz 😂
Mehraj ud din Khan
Mehraj ud din Khan 29 dager siden
Whatever may be the stats but it's clear Pakistan t t20 side are world beaters
Huzaifa Hadeed
Huzaifa Hadeed 29 dager siden
0:39 anyone knows the name of song playing🤔?
pradip dave
pradip dave 29 dager siden
Ye bhikhari kab se esa khelne lage....
USAma Shahbaz
USAma Shahbaz Måned siden
Kasim Sahib
Kasim Sahib Måned siden
Whab riaz reason to Pakistan is win match
Mohsin Shaikh
Mohsin Shaikh Måned siden
That throw to get jordan out 🤩
Jalaj Sharma
Jalaj Sharma Måned siden
10:30 legendary sarfu bhai 😎😎😂
Gurvinder Paul
Gurvinder Paul Måned siden
Sarfraz bhi bechara kitni baat *𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐤 𝐡𝐚𝐢 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐤 𝐡𝐚𝐢 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐤 𝐡𝐚𝐢 , 𝐤𝐨𝐢 𝐛𝐚𝐚𝐭 𝐧𝐡𝐢 𝐤𝐨𝐢 𝐛𝐚𝐚𝐭 𝐧𝐡𝐢 jab har baar nhi catch chodenge
Syed Måned siden
Wahab Riaz turning the game
mujahid saleem
mujahid saleem Måned siden
frustrated Måned siden
Ali Haider
Ali Haider Måned siden
Sarfraz is best captain
inocent Dile
inocent Dile Måned siden
14:56 me Sarfraz 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Awan G
Awan G Måned siden
Wahab riaz 💯💥💥
Harsh M
Harsh M Måned siden
Me to bcci : where is highlighte Bcci : Yes😂
khan Technical
khan Technical Måned siden
Eng need player moin Ali
Asher Hendrix
Asher Hendrix Måned siden
Haider Ali 🤭🔥
N. Nate River
N. Nate River Måned siden
Hafeez is magnificent for his 86*
Hasan Obaid
Hasan Obaid 26 dager siden
40 years old and still hitting so much, great veteran player