Unbelievable Final Over Madness! | Legends Feature in Classic Face Off! | England v India 2014 

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The only IT20 between England & India in 2014 saw a classic finish that went down to the final ball!
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18. mars. 2021





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Kartik Mesh
Kartik Mesh Dag siden
Thala made India lose one more match!! I guess Rayadu would have done a better job.
Dhoni me apni aesi tesi na karayi hoti to ye mtch India Jeet jayee
Kmnaidu Karanam
Kmnaidu Karanam 2 dager siden
dhoni the worst
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 4 dager siden
Dhoni denied Rayudu before denying Rayudu was a thing
Shaan Power Rangers
Shaan Power Rangers 5 dager siden
Shaan Power Rangers
Shaan Power Rangers 5 dager siden
Shaan Power Rangers
Shaan Power Rangers 5 dager siden
Aaron Stevens
Ajit Soni
Ajit Soni 9 dager siden
draryansharma 11 dager siden
chodu dhoni
alkaabhishek Jha
alkaabhishek Jha 12 dager siden
We are Indian cricket Jai Hind🇮🇳
Mafiur rahaman
Mafiur rahaman 12 dager siden
Dohni bal falaica
Amazon Sports
Amazon Sports 14 dager siden
Rayudu has lot of talent..
Aditya 14 dager siden
रायडू khud hard hiter hai isko nahi diya strike
Vijay Harba
Vijay Harba 15 dager siden
no i dont belive india lose but dhoni win my heart big fan
Abhijit Singh
Abhijit Singh 15 dager siden
This is called the result of overconfidence...
Rohit Gupta
Rohit Gupta 15 dager siden
Over confidence ne leli
Karamat Murshid Shah
Karamat Murshid Shah 15 dager siden
In our childhood if someone does what dhoni is doing to rayadu we used to say 'batting lalach ' kar raha hai
Amol Mali
Amol Mali 15 dager siden
Hardik Pandya is the real finisher and this dhobi is choker
rajat shrivastav
rajat shrivastav 15 dager siden
From 2014 decline of dhoni as a finisher started..he was overconfident here..when u have proper batsman with you , you got to trust him
rajat shrivastav
rajat shrivastav 15 dager siden
From 2014 decline of dhoni as a finisher started..he was overconfident here..when u have proper batsman with you , you got to trust him
Sohum B
Sohum B 15 dager siden
I am Dhoni fan but after 2013 Dhoni was overhyped no performance alaways choked Most selfish player can only hit overpitched ball lol. Dhoni bhakt gonna abuse me now lol
Eshvar Ram
Eshvar Ram 16 dager siden
Damn that's a tense game. Even for Dhoni himself. He must have been shivering. GG's 😀
Vvijay Bhaskar
Vvijay Bhaskar 16 dager siden
Dhoni hasn’t changed his hitting approach, swings blindly his bat.
ankit bhardwaj
ankit bhardwaj 16 dager siden
It was easy victory if MSD would have taken single only 11 were required. This is truly madness and overconfidence at its top. Glad this man has retired. Pigheaded person
Dinesh 16 dager siden
My whole life is a Rayudu 😅
abul hazz
abul hazz 16 dager siden
We miss you legend
Satyam Pandey
Satyam Pandey 16 dager siden
Raydu ke hote hue agar normal khelate tab bhi India Jeet jati
Charlie S
Charlie S 16 dager siden
Dhoni: stay there u r noob Rayudu: inside his mind dhoni made me noob I'm happy we lost😁😁😁
Jagroop Cheema
Jagroop Cheema 16 dager siden
Over confidence killed everyone then who's this tinny pinny dhoni, he gave 3 dots in last over which could have fetched winning runs
Nashi Vk
Nashi Vk 16 dager siden
Finisher he is...
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 16 dager siden
Ye dhoni kabhi kabhi ese hi chutiyaap krta tha.
Kunal Patil
Kunal Patil 16 dager siden
Aise match harata tha dhoni
Omkar Deota
Omkar Deota 16 dager siden
overconfidence leads to
Mohit Zambare
Mohit Zambare 17 dager siden
Muhammed Nazarudeensha
Muhammed Nazarudeensha 17 dager siden
MSD.. best finisher in the world
Kartikeya Dayal
Kartikeya Dayal 17 dager siden
He should have switched the strike
KRITIK SHARMA 17 dager siden
If dhoni can't win you games , no one actually can
You say my name
You say my name 17 dager siden
That's some bullshit cricket from Dhoni
Atharv Jaju
Atharv Jaju 18 dager siden
Total nonsense by dhoni
Mareena Paul
Mareena Paul 18 dager siden
MS - Most Selfish.
Cricket My Passion
Cricket My Passion 18 dager siden
Change that thumbnail 😒🙄
Devil King
Devil King 18 dager siden
I watched it live and was heartbroken when India lost😭😭
Knowledge Nation
Knowledge Nation 18 dager siden
The hegemony of Dhoni !!
deepak chaturvedi
deepak chaturvedi 18 dager siden
If dhoni give single to raydu than india must win that match. You can not always be hero. It's a team work.
balwinder kumar
balwinder kumar 18 dager siden
Radu b batting krna jaanta haa
Siddhartha Debnath
Siddhartha Debnath 18 dager siden
This is typical Dhoni 😂
Jitesh Sharma
Jitesh Sharma 18 dager siden
Rayadu ko strike de deta to India jeet jati... Apni hi chalayi he dhoni ne bhi Har bar safal nhi huaa esliye....
Tinku 18 dager siden
Shiba Shankar Gouda
Shiba Shankar Gouda 18 dager siden
On that day Rayudu actually could not Hit the ball properly ... that's why he was beaten and wasted balls
Swagata Roy
Swagata Roy 18 dager siden
gotte muh me aa gaye the england walo ke wo last over me...lol
warrior warrior
warrior warrior 18 dager siden
Another match ..lost cuz of overrated finisher
layeeq KHAN
layeeq KHAN 18 dager siden
Sometimes dhoni is over confidence
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar 18 dager siden
Unbelievable self belief from MSD. This proves even the masters sometimes fails but yet they had belief in themselves. Totally saved Rayudu here from the debates of cricket critics.
S Ahammad
S Ahammad 19 dager siden
Best finisher. 🙏🙏 For CSK only not india
Shivam Azad
Shivam Azad 19 dager siden
Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta 19 dager siden
So no one gonna say now that this time it was dhoni mistake ,but indeed everyone will be shouting dhoni legend,dhoni legend😂😂,Rayudu is a proper batsmen and he should have been given strike,every run matter in last over.
Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta 15 dager siden
@Deepak ram polymoni ya
Deepak ram polymoni
Deepak ram polymoni 15 dager siden
This is not the only time Dhoni did this to India😑
Aayush Vaishnaw
Aayush Vaishnaw 19 dager siden
MS Dhoni is Best Finisher 😂😂.
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson 19 dager siden
So no one's going to talk about the thumbnail and the way it looks? 🙄
Sandeep Mathur
Sandeep Mathur 19 dager siden
1st April 20²1
Sachin sisodiya
Sachin sisodiya 19 dager siden
Bunny Kathi
Bunny Kathi 19 dager siden
It was just to humiliate MSD 😂well done England cricket board
Mohammed Shohrat
Mohammed Shohrat 19 dager siden
This is what sam curran has done in the 3rd odi... Sometimes confidence becomes over...
Alfaz Alpa
Alfaz Alpa 19 dager siden
Selfish dobi
Tikeshwar Pankaj
Tikeshwar Pankaj 19 dager siden
April fool🤣...... for who thinks ind win🤡
Arjun Shaw
Arjun Shaw 19 dager siden
Pushkar Tyagi
Pushkar Tyagi 19 dager siden
Hahahahahaha keeping english fans happy after losing all formats in India.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 19 dager siden
Rayudu is the most underrated batsman with lots of talent.
D Patel
D Patel 19 dager siden
Sometimes MS is in overconfidence*
Malko Gaming
Malko Gaming 19 dager siden
Dhoni be like - Ye mai kar leta hu raydu tu dream11 pe team bnale😂
Nham Asul
Nham Asul 2 dager siden
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MANI PATEL 19 dager siden
Moeen Ali with hair 😂
raghu nandan
raghu nandan 19 dager siden
MSD The most Selfish Player to have played cricket for India....
RICKY GAMING 19 dager siden
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 19 dager siden
Dhoni overconfidence 🤔🤔
Apple Universe
Apple Universe 19 dager siden
Over smart noob !
Learning institute
Learning institute 19 dager siden
Lappebaz ghatiya player
Prem Sharma
Prem Sharma 19 dager siden
That's why I don't like him. Match lost because arrogance or over confidence .
Bunty Sonawane
Bunty Sonawane 19 dager siden
Mahi: batting main karunga aur tujhe sirf bhaagna hai.
Shubhranil Nag
Shubhranil Nag 19 dager siden
Aa gaya swad best pinnisher ka 😂😂😂
Abcartse Gaming
Abcartse Gaming 14 dager siden
This was the only match MSD hasn’t finished except the semi finals
Saifullah Khan
Saifullah Khan 19 dager siden
If Choray me loray lgna had a Face😂
Gaurav Goel
Gaurav Goel 19 dager siden
Rayudu hota toh atleast big shots laga deta.. Lost due to dhoni not giving strike to Rayudu. Rayudu was a good hitter of the ball compared to dhoni in that old age. Though dhoni was very good in his young age.
I'm dibyendu
I'm dibyendu 19 dager siden
If dhoni gives raydu strike..India must have won..
Sciencekari Guru by Vivek Kumar Srivastava
What England and Wales cricket board wants to say? That what Sam Curran have done in recent match, MSD did it years ago 😂 Hence Sam Curran is on the path of Mr Dhoni. 😀
Abhishek Shah
Abhishek Shah 19 dager siden
Chutiye England 😂
Funny Videos
Funny Videos 19 dager siden
Chutiya dhoni... Samne Raydu tha... Koi Tailander nahi...
Mohit Pandya
Mohit Pandya 19 dager siden
Dhoni was a little overconfident He should have taken singles and give Raydu a chance
rahul singhal
rahul singhal 19 dager siden
Will forever remember this match because of Dhoni's stupidity
Javed Khan
Javed Khan 19 dager siden
Dhoni match looser
Raghuvaran Ambati
Raghuvaran Ambati 20 dager siden
The most selfish cricketer ever 😴
Ayush S
Ayush S 20 dager siden
That's Ambati Raydu at the other end not Ajit Agarkar. So he is not good enough to be trusted with strike in a glory situation but good enough to open for you in IPL?
Deepak ram polymoni
Deepak ram polymoni 15 dager siden
Most sensible comment👏
Aadarsh Sejwal
Aadarsh Sejwal 20 dager siden
Should've taken the single. Never know Rayudu could've edged or maybe hit a good boundary.
Bharat Gohil
Bharat Gohil 20 dager siden
Miss you mahi ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sachin Sreekumar
Sachin Sreekumar 20 dager siden
Rayudu has finished so many games for Mumbai
Arunya Singh
Arunya Singh 20 dager siden
It's a cursed video .
pankaj bhandari
pankaj bhandari 20 dager siden
People talk about matches Dhoni won us by taking match deep. But they do not remember several games which we have lost by this approach.
@pankaj bhandari I remember now 😔
pankaj bhandari
pankaj bhandari 18 dager siden
@尺口丫月厶兑忖口丂匕 this match. And world cup 2019 match vs England which I can remember as of now.
tell some examples
vajji Chandra pavan
vajji Chandra pavan 20 dager siden
Rayudu from corner..😔😔 can't i hit a four.?
PRATIBHAS PATRA N.N. 20 dager siden
Looks like , even England Cricket Board in order to get views is using our GOD 🙏🙏🙏🙏 in their thumbnail ..... No offence ....
Mohd Rizwan
Mohd Rizwan 20 dager siden
By the way Great strategy and superb bowling did by England
Vibhu 20 dager siden
Should have trusted rayudu...he was also a batsman
Uttyaran Basu
Uttyaran Basu 20 dager siden
Ok so how many of you thought Dhoni was going to finish the match with a six?🙃🙃(even though this is the channel of the English team😂😂)