Unbelievable England, India & Pakistan Face-off! | Semi-Final | T20 World Cup of Matches 

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With the 2020 IT20 World Cup postponed, we're bringing the competition to you with some classic matches! Have your say by voting in the comments for your favourite match to go through to the final! ⬇️
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England & Wales Cricket Board
It's time to vote for the match you want to see *extended highlights* of in the final! 🤔Ready, set, *GO!* 🚦
Ksagsf udehwg
Ksagsf udehwg 3 dager siden
Eng vs Pakistan
Hidden Saqlain
Hidden Saqlain 12 dager siden
Pakistani india
Bhairu Lal Jat
Bhairu Lal Jat 18 dager siden
Ind ka khauf deko pak khelna hi nhi chahti h janti h haar jayenge isiliye sb eng vs pak soch rhe h
Pak v ind
Oby Shaikh
Oby Shaikh 27 dager siden
PAK vs Eng
Nazia Naheed
Nazia Naheed 2 timer siden
Eng Vs pak
sadaf Matloob
sadaf Matloob 11 timer siden
1st match eng
speakar cones cones
speakar cones cones 4 dager siden
indea vs pak
JATIN SAHU 5 dager siden
muhammad rayan
muhammad rayan 8 dager siden
Ali Shanawar
Ali Shanawar 9 dager siden
Haider Ali
Hidden Saqlain
Hidden Saqlain 12 dager siden
Pakistan and India
Huzaifa Abbasi
Huzaifa Abbasi 12 dager siden
You freaks British as always
Shyam Rao
Shyam Rao 14 dager siden
Rayyan Faisal
Rayyan Faisal 14 dager siden
england vs pakistan.
Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan 14 dager siden
All time best Pakistan in the world
PRATYUSH JHA 15 dager siden
I am the only one who is here after watching thumbnail of raina ..❤️❤️
Naveen Saraswati
Naveen Saraswati 15 dager siden
HINDUSTAN jindabaad hai tha rhega🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Beast Gamerz
Beast Gamerz 15 dager siden
england vs pakistan final
Zkashif butt
Zkashif butt 15 dager siden
Eng vs pak winner pak
sif sak
sif sak 15 dager siden
Ind vs Pakistan final
Mukesh Prakash
Mukesh Prakash 16 dager siden
Nobody: Pakistan fielders for every loft: Catch it catch it No offense👍
nahid dipto
nahid dipto 16 dager siden
ind vs pak vs eng tri t 20 seires should be arranged in uk
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 15 dager siden
@ֆǟʀƈαʂȶɨς _ɱเɳɖ chaa mod diye bhayiya ji aap to
goldenGOD_8 15 dager siden
@ֆǟʀƈαʂȶɨς _ɱเɳɖ lol good one
ֆǟʀƈαʂȶɨς _ɱเɳɖ
Add Bangladesh to this And named it as Independence Trophy 🏆😀 🇮🇳🇵🇰🇧🇩🇬🇧
Jaskeerat Khanuja
Jaskeerat Khanuja 16 dager siden
Zidane Ausaaf
Zidane Ausaaf 16 dager siden
Angrez phr Hindu Muslim Karne lage 😂 Arry bahe Bhakt Kaafi Hain yahan yeh Karne k liye 😂
akash sahoo
akash sahoo 17 dager siden
India vs england
Sahil Alam
Sahil Alam 17 dager siden
Pakistan is all time best team
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali 17 dager siden
England vs Pakistan 💥💥💣
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali 17 dager siden
Gorab Sharma
Gorab Sharma 17 dager siden
The interesting thing was ..there was no crowd in eng vs Pakistan 😄😄😄
Zidane Ausaaf
Zidane Ausaaf 16 dager siden
It was during Corona virus 😂
Varad Patil
Varad Patil 18 dager siden
I didn't get it??semi final Final??I mean how?pls somebody tell me
Bhairu Lal Jat
Bhairu Lal Jat 18 dager siden
Ind vs pak
LEGENDS TUBE 18 dager siden
Eng vs Pak will be the final in t20 World Cup 2021 INSHALLAH
Hamza faiq Faiq Ahmed Abbasi
Pakistan vs England is the best match
Mukul Pachauri
Mukul Pachauri 19 dager siden
Well done pakistan
Swapnil Dandekar
Swapnil Dandekar 19 dager siden
Is it official channel of ECB or PCB ?
Jigar Sonavane
Jigar Sonavane 19 dager siden
Don't use divide & rule policy again
THE EXPERT GAMER 19 dager siden
I am Pakistani love for our Indian brother to kese lgta h k Abe pak Ind dost ban jae bae m to yehe chata hu
Muhammad Anwaar
Muhammad Anwaar 19 dager siden
TERMINATOR Heer 19 dager siden
Kartik Ek Shiv Bhakt
Kartik Ek Shiv Bhakt 19 dager siden
MS Dhoni finishes off in his style. LOL 😆🤣🤣
Vinit 20 dager siden
Pakistan, played really well
Abhishek Mukherjee Lifestyle
12:02 bhai pakad na,,bhai mar na..bhai pakad na,,bhai mar na
ajaz rizvi
ajaz rizvi 20 dager siden
Dhoni confidence level hats off need 5 runs on 2 balls But Dint run he was sure he can finish the game on last ball Ambati Rayudu Had no problem
Dhruv Mukherjee
Dhruv Mukherjee 21 dag siden
Being an Indian, I have to vote for Pak vs Eng. Pakistan took an amazing revenge for us.
Muhammad Hassan
Muhammad Hassan Dag siden
arey sir❤❤❤
SS TRENDS 19 dager siden
Rayudu was underestimated
Ashwin 19 dager siden
Tahir Sarfraz
Tahir Sarfraz 19 dager siden
Rahul Av
Rahul Av 21 dag siden
Saala England me India ko chance diya hota to Pakistan ka gaand maarta tha
up31114 27july2002
up31114 27july2002 22 dager siden
That Indian catch drop 🤣
Dinesh Sahoo
Dinesh Sahoo 22 dager siden
Tahir 22 dager siden
Easy way to get views from both Ind and Pak.. Well done England
Cricket with Meer Mehran
Pak vs eng was amazing
shahid Murad raja
shahid Murad raja 23 dager siden
pak vs eng
Shikhar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan 24 dager siden
Mohit,karn Sharmah, Rahane, Raina
hamza awan
hamza awan 24 dager siden
eng vs pak
Usman Awan
Usman Awan 24 dager siden
Pakistan is king of cricket
Cricket Gamerz
Cricket Gamerz 24 dager siden
Pakistan wins
Alyan Khattak
Alyan Khattak 24 dager siden
Ab bolo
Alyan Khattak
Alyan Khattak 24 dager siden
Hafeez is a good player
Mohd Abdul Lateef
Mohd Abdul Lateef 24 dager siden
It is like pakistan won the final in tri-series. Lots of love for pakistan.
PenguiN cLAp
PenguiN cLAp 25 dager siden
3:52 Sir, Rum XD
Mundanwara ke sa
Mundanwara ke sa 25 dager siden
Sai chaitanya Reddy
Sai chaitanya Reddy 25 dager siden
I have a doubt ..... Rayadu is a batsman r tailender???
dev chaudhari
dev chaudhari 25 dager siden
ARYAN BACHU 25 dager siden
Very nice fielding by Pakistan🤣🤣
hafsa jafar
hafsa jafar 25 dager siden
Jaddu Kito
Jaddu Kito 25 dager siden
Uzair Ahmad
Uzair Ahmad 25 dager siden
i will like to see pak and india in the final
DS Bisht
DS Bisht 25 dager siden
India's revenge taken by our brothers in 2020 🔥🔥by beating England 🙏🇮🇳
@Johnson Jeff what a joke 😂🤣😭😂👍
Vlog Op gamers
Vlog Op gamers 13 dager siden
And 2021
Deepak singh sisodiya
Deepak singh sisodiya 18 dager siden
@Johnson Jeff what a joke ?? another world cup would not be in super over
mr cool
mr cool 20 dager siden
Woh h 2018 mai leke aaye the
Clan Killer Itachi
Clan Killer Itachi 20 dager siden
@Johnson Jeff This time I can bet england cant qualify
european vlogs
european vlogs 26 dager siden
Surya kumar hits 6 of 1st ball of his interntionl
the gamer
the gamer 26 dager siden
Anuj Vairagade
Anuj Vairagade 26 dager siden
Dhoni ne match harai😐
Aneesh Almandoos
Aneesh Almandoos 26 dager siden
India vs Pakistan .Final.....
Aneesh Almandoos
Aneesh Almandoos 26 dager siden
Ramcharan Ahari
Ramcharan Ahari 26 dager siden
Dhoni ne match fix kr rakha tha ISLIYE RUN nahi liya dhoni bhi chor h sala straik to change kr sakta tha
HARSH MODI 26 dager siden
Pakistan vs England ke match me public kaha he😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ѕнaнzad мυgнal
ѕнaнzad мυgнal 11 dager siden
Corana virus is liye no croud
Yaseen Khan
Yaseen Khan 26 dager siden
HM PAK TECHNOLOGY 27 dager siden
Danish Aziz
Danish Aziz 27 dager siden
What a match pak vs eng
Ak l Ahv
Ak l Ahv 28 dager siden
Wahab Riaz the legend
Rana Abdullah
Rana Abdullah 28 dager siden
It will be Pakistan winning the Final. Take notes guys xD
Rana Abdullah
Rana Abdullah 28 dager siden
Morgan is an outstanding batsman!!!👑❤
Hafiz ahmed rana
Hafiz ahmed rana 29 dager siden
reyan sarwar
reyan sarwar 29 dager siden
Pakistan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Agnostic Athiest
Agnostic Athiest Måned siden
Ind Vs Aus Final England Can't Play Spin
Mallesh Reddy
Mallesh Reddy Måned siden
Who is watching this after India win T20 series 👍
Tehmina Y
Tehmina Y Måned siden
Ind vs pak
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Måned siden
Eng vs Pak
Talluri Nageshwarao
Talluri Nageshwarao Måned siden
සන්දිප Måned siden
Sahaj Bhatia
Sahaj Bhatia Måned siden
India and Pakistan final
Tãyëf Khãñ
Tãyëf Khãñ Måned siden
Moosa Waqas
Moosa Waqas Måned siden
My vote : obiously pak vs eng
AbdulRehman Shoukat
AbdulRehman Shoukat Måned siden
Pakistan vs england
Aminul Islam
Aminul Islam Måned siden
India harneywala video kio banata hai
From pakistan rahane is very fine fielder
Faraz AHMAD Måned siden
Pak vs eng
ishantrawat Måned siden
Thumbnail looks like a triple threat match 😅
Ashhad Warraich
Ashhad Warraich Måned siden
India vs Pak Finals
Connor Kenway
Connor Kenway Måned siden
England vs Pakistan
Nauman Shafiq
Nauman Shafiq Måned siden
That yorker of shaheen to bairstow... And yorker of Gurney also...both were treat to watch
Nasir hussain Tranding official
Eng vs pak
Ankit Kumrawat
Ankit Kumrawat Måned siden
england kabhi bhi harne wali vedio nhi dalta
Wani Sajad
Wani Sajad Måned siden
bilal khan
bilal khan Måned siden
Eng vs Pak❤
omkar shelke
omkar shelke Måned siden
Ind vs eng