Jimmy's Incredible Record-Breaking Wicket! | England v India 2018 | England Cricket 

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Legendary status. The moment Jimmy Anderson knocked Glenn McGrath off the top spot, to become the most successful fast bowler of all-time!
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10. feb.. 2021





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Shehan Senanayaka
my favouite bowler
mdhassan ali
mdhassan ali 6 dager siden
a legend bowler of england test cricket
Maklai Muhammed
Maklai Muhammed 8 dager siden
jimmy the GOAT of test cricket
Sri priya.V 0901
Sri priya.V 0901 17 dager siden
Jimmy Cook Broad❤️❤️❤️
JAMES ANDERSON 20 dager siden
This is memorable moment for me 🐐🐐🐐😍😍
Sumit KumarAryan
Sumit KumarAryan Måned siden
Jimy is the best swing bowler in world
anupam singh
anupam singh Måned siden
Jimmy's bowling action is the best ..
Aritra Banerjee
Aritra Banerjee 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Anderson Such A Nice Guy. Never Sledges Opponent Team Batsman To Buy His Wicket Respect🙏🙏
SAHIL KHAN 2 måneder siden
I still get upset abt this series bcause that was india's mst powerful test team to tour eng & still we have lost the series by 4=1 & the 3 test was in india pocket to win but still this time in August inshaalah it will be a d/f result..
Prajyoth Pradeep
Prajyoth Pradeep 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Overratedson. Plays on manipulated pitches where even Dhoni can pick 5 wicket hauls. Played so much more tests. Gets icc favours with ball manipulation. Truly Overratedson.
Priyanshu Paul
Priyanshu Paul Måned siden
idiot! he destroyed India in the 1 st test
Prajyoth Pradeep
Prajyoth Pradeep 2 måneder siden
Third rate ecb...how long you will cheat and help your team england win matches. With icc help you have england get dubious drs decisions on it's side With icc help england involve in toss manipulation (yes we know that) Help england with ball manipulation (yes we know that) With icc help manipulate pitch conditions With icc help bend and twist rules that favor a useless and incapable england team. With icc help ...england and australia benefit with weather modification in world cups (yes we know that too) What's the use when you cheat and win...is that a winning? No. All this effort to just to cheat and then really know that you actually are not happy 🤣🤣🤣🤣😆🤣🤣
Prajyoth Pradeep
Prajyoth Pradeep Måned siden
@sunshine moon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😆😆🤣🤣 Hey troll...how's it going..how much are you paid? Apply the same logic on yourself...if you don't like my comment...don't reply. Try to ignore you can't... You know what I say are facts.
sunshine moon
sunshine moon Måned siden
Dude Your comments are literally everywhere... If you don't like England team or their channel then don't follow and don't see the highlights So toxic
Yohan Lobo
Yohan Lobo 2 måneder siden
Waiting for Rohit Sharma's century highlights
Vicky Vikram
Vicky Vikram 2 måneder siden
Plz bring sam curran in 3rd test.. England Team is not balanced
adhul suresh
adhul suresh 2 måneder siden
Wait I think Australia , Pakistan and England should merge to form a single team against India. It wil save your fans keyboard time
FUNTOSA 2 måneder siden
Ben foakes is the next star player that will rule the world cricket for sure.masterclass work by this wicketkeeper 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Malika damarla
Malika damarla 2 måneder siden
Pls kindly upload Ind vs eng
Bharat Dedhia
Bharat Dedhia 2 måneder siden
Pallikutty Padayan
Pallikutty Padayan 2 måneder siden
ECB please include Jonny into the test squad
Sathish kumar
Sathish kumar 2 måneder siden
In second test England cricket point of view Kohli clean bowled is such a good delivered When a england players got a clean bowled it's a sandpit 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Eklavya Kumar
Eklavya Kumar 2 måneder siden
Still not the most successful fast bowler. May be most successful test fast bowler
Joel zeon
Joel zeon 2 måneder siden
@Eklavya Kumar macgrath is a douche bag But akram on the other side he's considered as King of swing so yes I would say akram maybe is slightly ahead of Jimmy and macgrath duhh all he does is bowl those good length cutters!
Eklavya Kumar
Eklavya Kumar 2 måneder siden
Mgrath and akram are still ahead
Eklavya Kumar
Eklavya Kumar 2 måneder siden
I was just trying to correct the statement. Apologies if it hurt u
Joel zeon
Joel zeon 2 måneder siden
Yes and we are waiting for an Indian to give his opinion 😂😂
Asif Maken
Asif Maken 2 måneder siden
Highlights of India Vs England Test Series??? (2021)
Asif Maken
Asif Maken 2 måneder siden
@Fluorescentpropeller Oh thank you, got it 👍
Fluorescentpropeller 2 måneder siden
On the BCCI website.
Sarwan Khushk
Sarwan Khushk 2 måneder siden
Chandra Shekhar
Chandra Shekhar 2 måneder siden
James Anderson should have played the 2nd test as well
Prajyoth Pradeep
Prajyoth Pradeep 2 måneder siden
Because he will get clobbered. He is a bunny fluffy bowler who only takes wickets in seaming condition where Virat Kohli can get MOM in bowling.
Mick Saitlik
Mick Saitlik 2 måneder siden
Hope to c him in Australia again ...
Mick Saitlik
Mick Saitlik Måned siden
R u
Priyanshu Paul
Priyanshu Paul Måned siden
are you an aussie?
Sameer bin Raheem
Sameer bin Raheem 2 måneder siden
Why don't u upload recent test highlights against india💣💣
Fluorescentpropeller 2 måneder siden
The highlights are on the BCCI website.
CR7 Cristiano
CR7 Cristiano 2 måneder siden
2 nd test no Jimmy, no archer, eng loss, Jimmy, broad, archer need 3 and 4 test, otherwise eng lost test championship
Fluorescentpropeller 2 måneder siden
@ISHFLY Anderson is being rested, Archer is injured.
ISHFLY 2 måneder siden
@A M.G nope. Rest for pink ball test.
A M.G 2 måneder siden
Are all of them injured?
rocket science
rocket science 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Anderson "kids bowl short balls I'm pure swinging bowler
Dad's Joke
Dad's Joke 2 måneder siden
As an Indian too,it's so delightful to watch this legend
Prithivi Adhikari
Prithivi Adhikari 2 måneder siden
Who will finished top in most wickets in test career between Anderson & Broad?
amar suleman
amar suleman 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Anderson ripped indias arse. He put them back in their place. He will be and is able to break many records. He has got a few good years in him.
Abhiram Balla
Abhiram Balla 2 måneder siden
Remember The age has no barrier An 38 years old veteran bowler picked up 3 wickets/12 runs while bowling in 2nd innings during 1st Test match India vs England. He is reverse swing king
Sampad barik
Sampad barik 2 måneder siden
The legend of test cricket.. 🤩👈👍👍
RMPV Creations
RMPV Creations 2 måneder siden
New video tomorrow after taking 620 wickets
ajith karthikeya thota
ajith karthikeya thota 2 måneder siden
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Nice joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ENTERTAINMENT 2 måneder siden
Sanket Aher
Sanket Aher 2 måneder siden
Gleen macthag off modr knoes yop bomlc 🤪🤪🖕🖕🖕🖕
mac man
mac man 2 måneder siden
Tendulkar was the greatest batsman of the modern era and Anderson is the greatest fast Bowler.
ijas niyas
ijas niyas 2 måneder siden
Alastair Cook was there ?
Aryan Kaushik
Aryan Kaushik 2 måneder siden
Exception. He can swing anywhere.
Jon Walters
Jon Walters 2 måneder siden
very confused baseball fan here.
Akram Khan
Akram Khan 2 måneder siden
Jimmy's deliveries remind me of the art of swimming.
Steven Jacobs
Steven Jacobs 2 måneder siden
Great achievement
Mike Triggs
Mike Triggs 2 måneder siden
Some have burned brighter but none have burned longer
Kush Pansare
Kush Pansare 2 måneder siden
Can Jimmy pass anil kumble?? Yes then like or comment
Qamar Satti
Qamar Satti 2 måneder siden
Lesson from Jimmy Anderson: You can be a Successful Fast Bowler without having arrogance, sledges and Anger issues !!! GOAT for so many Reasons !!! ❣️
Ashwin Ram
Ashwin Ram 2 måneder siden
Cook Jimmy 😘❤️🥰❤️💞
Aniket Kumar
Aniket Kumar 2 måneder siden
ni na
ni na 2 måneder siden
Anderson Can't bowl well unless condition suits him ..look where Australians put him in last 2 tours to...In the Toilet ..he is just another English bowler who needs condition to help him to....he is not Steyn , Akram or Marshall.
Himanshu kumar Godbole
Himanshu kumar Godbole 2 måneder siden
My favourite bowler
Chandra Shekhar Bhatt
Chandra Shekhar Bhatt 2 måneder siden
If *Anderson* had played for Australia, he would have more than *700* wickets as a paceman, incredible and valuable.
AsiF AhmEd
AsiF AhmEd 2 måneder siden
Anderson is The G.O.A.T❤🇵🇰
Comedation 2 måneder siden
Why the heck is Siraj not there!?
Cricket View
Cricket View 2 måneder siden
andreson is best test bowler of the world he is champion bowler
Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Anderson is now without doubt the greatest bowler Eng have produced. Hope he wields his bowling magic against Australia in Ashes down under. 😉
kïñg óp
kïñg óp 2 måneder siden
Legendary bowler bowling in test match currently
Zeeshan Khan
Zeeshan Khan 2 måneder siden
Cricket me
Zeeshan Khan
Zeeshan Khan 2 måneder siden
England ke saamne sab bachhe fel hai
Fam Orak
Fam Orak 2 måneder siden
Jimmy is a legend!
Sharif Pathan
Sharif Pathan 2 måneder siden
thanks 🙏 a lots england 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 cricket 🏏 board. poop 💩 india 🇮🇳 poo 💩 cricket 🏏 board. totally stupid i cricket 🏏 board.
Sahil Parmar
Sahil Parmar 2 måneder siden
Amazing jimmy
Asmita Pramanick
Asmita Pramanick 2 måneder siden
What a bowler...what a performer....legend
Total tech
Total tech 2 måneder siden
The God of swing bowling
Shreyash Dhabekar
Shreyash Dhabekar 2 måneder siden
Please dislike if you love team india
Funny Cricket
Funny Cricket 2 måneder siden
whose best bowler jimmy anderson
anurag kothawale
anurag kothawale 2 måneder siden
Ball swings like nagin.....
parth bisht
parth bisht 2 måneder siden
So nobody's gonna talk about Jadeja smacking him over long on.... before this wicket
knight rider
knight rider 2 måneder siden
Quite understandable as it fails even to turn a 3 digit lose into a 2 digit one.
Lewin Pitta
Lewin Pitta 2 måneder siden
Numair Uddin
Numair Uddin 2 måneder siden
🐐 for a reason
Samir thapa
Samir thapa 2 måneder siden
Greatest of all❤️
Wahengbam Pathou
Wahengbam Pathou 2 måneder siden
If there's any player who has revived interests in test cricket it's him anderson, otherwise t20 era had really done much damage to the gentleman's game of cricket
Wahengbam Pathou
Wahengbam Pathou 2 måneder siden
Every ball that Anderson bowls is a beauty, worth watching
Samar SQ Gaming
Samar SQ Gaming 2 måneder siden
Rishabh Pant
Rishabh Pant 2 måneder siden
Perfect example of Old is Gold♥
Royal whatsapp video status
Took your wicket in series against england 2021
Jitendra Prasad
Jitendra Prasad 2 måneder siden
Root & Cook are Gentleman!!
satish gaikwad
satish gaikwad 2 måneder siden
One of the best bowler of test format❤❤❤
Rj Sports
Rj Sports 2 måneder siden
Sandeep Ruhal
Sandeep Ruhal 2 måneder siden
Test cricket 🏏 needs Jimmy Anderson 🐐
Cricket England
Cricket England 2 måneder siden
Their has never been a greater fast bowler in world cricket 611 wickets and still going strong...
ajith karthikeya thota
@Cricket England hi stupid ! England lost all the series now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Give me some lame excuse or talk about the past or start boasting about World Cup and rankings stuff . Well! did anything help you to win the series . No You are a crap .India is always better than England. Compare past ,present and future .India is always better than England .England won’t have a international match for next 2 months (I wonder why 🤔🤔) Ok you can watch ipl if you want.
Science Maths
Science Maths Måned siden
@Peace Logic just one match lol. Even kohli hit when India was in trouble.
Peace Logic
Peace Logic Måned siden
@Science Maths ok leave me alone 😂 by the way jos buttler says hello
Science Maths
Science Maths Måned siden
@Peace Logic India produce great batsman like sunil gavaskar, Sachin,dravid and kohli in tests. And in Odi no doubt kohli is best Odis batsman of all time. Even in t20s he is best t20 batsman of all time. Unlike shitty root......... .
Science Maths
Science Maths Måned siden
@Peace Logic from 2016 we won 2 times in Australia, two times in west indies, one time in Sri Lanka. And we're very competitive in England and South Africa 2018 but lost due to tosses .And from 2016 from 8 overseas we won 5 overseas series.
danguee1 2 måneder siden
He is right near the top of the all-time greats list. But now that he's putting distance between himself and the other most successful quicks - except Broad, who's keeping up in his own fantastic way - you realise this important thing when people say 'his average doesn't compare with very best', 'he's not that good away from home: his last 275 wickets - a number of wickets not far off the number some of the other greats have acquired over their whole careers - have come at an brilliant average of just 21(!), he's performed fantastically away from home (25!) and he just....keeps....getting....better. So to all you 'yeah, but' guys: he's making your arguments look increasingly thin..... Also: as Glenn McGrath better? Possibly. But Jimmy's swing bowling is a thing of beauty whereas there was nothing pretty about Glenn's relentless attrition (other than his subtle variation and amazing accuracy). Watching Jimmy is like watching Federer or Edberg instead of Lendl - and that, in its own right, can be a component in the argument of 'best'.
Don't see my picture
Don't see my picture 2 måneder siden
Finally not slip catches 😂
BucBoydy alastair
BucBoydy alastair 2 måneder siden
its safe to say that if you have 600 test wickets, its not due to fricking clouds
shafaq hashir
shafaq hashir 2 måneder siden
I went in time machine at check what happens after 15 years there i find that Jimmy Anderson was giving an interview bcz of taking 5 wickets hall
Punit Pratap Singh
Punit Pratap Singh 2 måneder siden
Wasim raja6
Wasim raja6 2 måneder siden
He is incredible. Feels like i have been watching him bowl since ages.
Anju Chetry
Anju Chetry 2 måneder siden
If he play more 3 years he may break shane warn record
ranjith jain
ranjith jain 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Anderson one of the fast bowlers in the test cricket
Zeeshan Rail World
Zeeshan Rail World 2 måneder siden
Please upload 1st test Highlights of England VS India Test Match
Paul Groves
Paul Groves 2 måneder siden
They can't they don't have right.
If Jimmy keeps going like this he's gonna surpass Anil Kumble's 619 in this series. Just 9 wickets away.
JAMES ANDERSON 20 dager siden
Just missed anil kumble record
JAMES ANDERSON 20 dager siden
@MR INCREDIBLE I will not play that much
AngelicusImmortus 2 måneder siden
I think he wants to get into the top three. He’s well aware that Warne & Murali are too far ahead to catch, that’s obvious, but I think he’s looking to make the most wickets for a non-spin bowler by getting as close as he can. England must protect him a bit, but he is top class. Being the best fast bowler ever would be a great legacy to have. Loads of people talk about the most runs scored how many 100s a batsman has But, you have to remember Anderson got Tendulkar out more times than any other bowler during Tendulkar’s entire career. To the point that Tendulkar himself said: “I’m not bothered by who bowls at me, because I know I have experience to rely on, but when I see Jimmy Anderson giving the ball a quick inspection before running in I feel a twinge of “not him again”. It’s like our own personal fight, unfortunately for me he won in the end, but my consolation is that he has taken apart entire batting line ups before now. He plays every batsman as if he is the best in the world and that is true respect. He is a great bowler and one of the nicest people I’ve met in Cricket. On the field we’re fierce rivals, once we step off the field he is the first to help you carry your kit, get you a drink or simply sit and chat with - that is the mark of a true sportsman. England cricket should be proud to have him, because every teams I’ve played against have admitted they’d have loved to have him on their team” Comments like that from a legendary batsman mean a lot. He’s not saying it just to be nice, he means it.
On The Run
On The Run 2 måneder siden
@Rahul Prattipati listen gaming boy there has never been a fast bowler in Jimmy’s shape at his age so no one rlly knows how much longer he will play he’s like Tom Brady people thought he would be well past it now but clearly not
Rahul Prattipati
Rahul Prattipati 2 måneder siden
@On The Run time to retire 100 is never gonna happen
flobbingdonkey 2 måneder siden
Can you please do one of his magic over against India?
Ivan Itczykok
Ivan Itczykok 2 måneder siden
Those that say he can't perform on the subcontinent....just watch that 1 over he bowled in the 2nd innings against India!!!
Three Bridges Cricket Club
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson 2 måneder siden
Blessed to see some superb cricketers in the last 20 years from all countries. Amazing Jimmy Anderson.
Vivek Mahindra
Vivek Mahindra 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Anderson is the best fast bowler test cricket ever had. Every cricket lovers knows this.
Habeeb bin Afeef
Habeeb bin Afeef 2 måneder siden
The great jimmy in englad In Asia LOL😂
Samir Paul
Samir Paul 2 måneder siden
@TheGilgameshepic true👍👍
TheGilgameshepic 2 måneder siden
@Samir Paul Yes, they're the cricinfo stats, they're usually absolutely solid.
Samir Paul
Samir Paul 2 måneder siden
@TheGilgameshepic You saw those stats from ESPN Cricinfo? I also saw these stats there
TheGilgameshepic 2 måneder siden
Over the last 8 years (since turning 30), James Anderson has averaged 24.24 in 14 tests in Asia with an Economy rate of 2.4, including an average of a shade under 23 between overs 16 and 80 (i.e. once the shine has gone off the new ball). Only Vernon Philander has been better among non-Asian quicks in Asia over the same period. "He can't play overseas" is a tired old trope at this point.
Hari Kushal
Hari Kushal 2 måneder siden
Its unfair to let Jimmy Anderson play.
VATSAL SRIVASTAVA 2 måneder siden
Abin AS
Abin AS 2 måneder siden
And now he will break anil kumble's record vs India in 2021
Ayush Verma
Ayush Verma 2 måneder siden
And now... sir James Anderson has 611* wickets❤️🙌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 G.O.A.T
Hydra Shield
Hydra Shield 2 måneder siden
Cook-jimmy Most run as opener-most wicket as pacer
Positive and Healthy
Positive and Healthy 2 måneder siden
Congratulate yourself for your growth. Positive reinforcement lets u keep going. You are getting better every day.
Anandhu 2 måneder siden
Muhammad Sadam Iqbal Muhammad Sadam Iqbal
Love you jimmy from 🇵🇰🏏💕
Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts
Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts