Root's Iconic Headingley Hundred! | Bat Drop Moment! 😎 | England v India, 3rd ODI 2018 

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With the India tour over, our heads are turning towards the English summer for more iconic moments like this!
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7. april. 2021





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Kshitij Pratap singh
Kshitij Pratap singh 23 timer siden
Pure class
Original Brand Gamer
Original Brand Gamer 4 dager siden
India the best
sanjit yadav
sanjit yadav 4 dager siden
ms dhoni
AARDWOLF 2020 4 dager siden
My favorite and the best batsman ever
AARDWOLF 2020 4 dager siden
Amazing ROOT
AARDWOLF 2020 4 dager siden
Amazing ROOT
Barath's versatility
Barath's versatility 5 dager siden
Garbage celebration
Saif Khan
Saif Khan 6 dager siden
In that game he was the typical English batsman to bowl
Jr Sahin
Jr Sahin 6 dager siden
what a player♥
Arham Khan
Arham Khan 6 dager siden
Typical joe root shot (back foot punch)
Mattapelly Srinu
Mattapelly Srinu 7 dager siden
Kohli take revange😎
Piyush Sharma
Piyush Sharma 8 dager siden
Don't compare him with Virat, cause there is a lot of difference between a King and a Legend I hope you got who is the Legend between these two 😂 Joseph Edward Root👍👍👍
Piyush Sharma
Piyush Sharma 7 dager siden
@NAWAL FF Ya bro.
NAWAL FF 7 dager siden
Yes, virat 71st century is 2 years away
Piyush Sharma
Piyush Sharma 8 dager siden
Tell those ICC table toppers, a legend is still here👍😉
The Beast Noob
The Beast Noob 9 dager siden
If root played the ind vs eng odi series 2021 i am sure england would have won the series
ms anjani
ms anjani 9 dager siden
Cricket England
Cricket England 9 dager siden
How the hell can India safely hold the T20 CWC with the large rise in covid cases in India?
funnyish Vinse
funnyish Vinse 9 dager siden
My favourite batsman ❤️
Anuradha Singh
Anuradha Singh 9 dager siden
My fav Root
Abhirup Basak
Abhirup Basak 9 dager siden
Love you❤❤ Joe Root
Jyoti Chauhan
Jyoti Chauhan 10 dager siden
जो प्यारी आंखे अभी मेरा comment पढ़ रहे हैं भगवान उनके माता पिता की आयु लम्बी कर दे!!! Jai shree krishna 🙏🙏🙏
Pradeep Vincent
Pradeep Vincent 10 dager siden
That mic drop celebration was so freaking cool! 😎🔥
aishwarya patil
aishwarya patil 10 dager siden
He is only disrespecting the bat That's why they don't have spirit of game 😕😕😕😕😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
Dhairya Jani
Dhairya Jani 10 dager siden
When Joe Root drops his bat and Former Us President, Barack Obama drops his mic, you know its time for grandeur! Peace.
SYED JAFFER IMAM 10 dager siden
Jalwa hai bhai ka 🔥
sumo 10 dager siden
After that series virat given nice reply LOL
KIRANKUMAR AK 9 dager siden
But England won that match and series too
KIRANKUMAR AK 9 dager siden
Chutiya hai wo
Thoker sarif
Thoker sarif 11 dager siden
It is a such a pleasant to eye when I see root's innings and Also like his unique celebration..................love from Kashmir , India ...............
Ramavath Raju
Ramavath Raju 11 dager siden
That overconfidence made him to score no runs in 2,3,4 tests against India 2021
Life channel
Life channel 11 dager siden
One day, he will be the master of cricket- ROOOOOTY
Bilal Farhan
Bilal Farhan 11 dager siden
I love him
TEJAS SHARMA 11 dager siden
Fun Fact:- SAM Currun Waiting For Schools to Re-open😂😂😂😂
The Beast Noob
The Beast Noob 9 dager siden
@Sup Dawg? He means that he looks like a school kid playing amongst adults😂😂But he performance is far better than most adults
Sup Dawg?
Sup Dawg? 9 dager siden
Anzal Laamih
Anzal Laamih 10 dager siden
What is the meaning, please comment
Manju b
Manju b 11 dager siden
My favourite of all time. The biggest fan of him OMG ❤
Hammad Khan
Hammad Khan 11 dager siden
What if that given as no ball 😅
technical gurugi
technical gurugi 12 dager siden
Why icc give more chances to indian the pakistan Dharna hoga dharna hoga jeena hoga marna hoga Ye sirf indian aur pakistanio ko samgh arae hogi😂😂😂😂😂😂
Razni Ahamed
Razni Ahamed 12 dager siden
I love england Love you from srilanka
marnus lab0303
marnus lab0303 8 dager siden
@Razni Ahamed ses cat karamuthe
Razni Ahamed
Razni Ahamed 8 dager siden
First i love srilanka Next i love england Ok
marnus lab0303
marnus lab0303 9 dager siden
@Razni Ahamed හහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහහ
Razni Ahamed
Razni Ahamed 9 dager siden
marnus lab0303
marnus lab0303 9 dager siden
Kumar Satwinder
Kumar Satwinder 12 dager siden
Razni Ahamed
Razni Ahamed 12 dager siden
Root is my favourite cricketer ever
Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan 12 dager siden
I am an indian but i could not understand why are people fighting this is just a way of celebrating like bravo dance and tahir run
Smruti Rekha Samal
Smruti Rekha Samal 12 dager siden
Joe root is the real root of England cricket team
Mr. SBJ 12 dager siden
Any ROOT fans here 👇
kartik Jain
kartik Jain 12 dager siden
atleast pandya didn't try to rob him off the century like the sri lankans do
kartik Jain
kartik Jain 21 time siden
@sahan nadeeshan say what you want but you are not a criminal until you commit a crime, tell this to sangakkara from my side.
sahan nadeeshan
sahan nadeeshan 22 timer siden
I think thats why he bowled a wide and also a waist high full toss.... to give root a century.... 😂😂😂😂😂
Imtiaz Ahmed
Imtiaz Ahmed 12 dager siden
That bat drop celebration is so cool
Parth Sharma
Parth Sharma 12 dager siden
No ipl team for this man So good
S Mitra
S Mitra 12 dager siden
Bat drop tho! Whatta playerrrrr! * just chef's kiss *
J019 Rishav S. Pore
J019 Rishav S. Pore 12 dager siden
If India started to drop bats, then England will have nothing left than to cry...... ......Come to Eng tour of India......Pura dho dala
Every English supporters wait for Joe Root's century.
Deepak Samrat
Deepak Samrat 12 dager siden
Minuka Gurusinghe
Minuka Gurusinghe 12 dager siden
Hardik was clearly trying to preventing root from getting the hundred, first a wide and iam pretty sure the full toss was meant to be a no ball😡😡.
Christopher Walton
Christopher Walton 12 dager siden
Why on earth I’d he not in the ODI and T20 squad? Madness...
Fluorescentpropeller 8 dager siden
He's a regular member of the ODI squad - he was just given a rest from the India tour. They prefer Malan in T20s.
Ismail Hossain
Ismail Hossain 12 dager siden
Root is better fucking Virat kolhi
Nalin Nalin
Nalin Nalin 12 dager siden
Super rot
Hirakjyoti Kakati
Hirakjyoti Kakati 12 dager siden
Which bat he did 100 that bat deserve response ,,,,from this century he never score any century till 2021,, in 2021 test series in india I saw root totally changed as a human, changed his behaviour,,, well👍 big fan of root from india
MrJJuK 12 dager siden
3:54 - The Best Root moment of ALL time! 😍🔥🙌👏
163- Shubham Kumar
163- Shubham Kumar 12 dager siden
Ye kab ka match hai...🙄
Rohan Banerjee
Rohan Banerjee 13 dager siden
Joe Root is very good player
Dilshan Sanjeewa
Dilshan Sanjeewa 13 dager siden
Hemadri Trip
Hemadri Trip 13 dager siden
The funny part is the leading centuary maker in ODI for England still no spot in ODI team😂😂😂
ms anjani
ms anjani 8 dager siden
@Hemadri Trip sorry for saying you idiot but you can't say I am not following cricket, I have been watching it for years and according to root his schedule is big this year as he as lot of test matches and also an ashes in Australia in 2021, so he is been rested, even eoin Morgan said that " Joe root's absence leaves a massive hole in the batting line up " also bairstow said that any side in the world would really miss not having Joe root "
Hemadri Trip
Hemadri Trip 9 dager siden
@ms anjani kid grow up😂😂😂😂and if u follow Cricket u will know who is idiot here😂😂😂😂😂lol and to educate u in cricket archer and woakes and stokes palyed the same test series with root for the same amount of time still continued for T20 and ODIs😂😂😂😂
ms anjani
ms anjani 9 dager siden
@Hemadri Trip idiot he is rested in odi because he is in bubble for long and if you have any doubt ask anyone
Hemadri Trip
Hemadri Trip 9 dager siden
@ms anjani I think u don't follow Cricket kid😂😂😂root played in test but not in T20 and ODI in the last tour of INDIA. Hope u follow Cricket and post ur messages 😂😂😂root has been dropped from ODI not rested😂😂
ms anjani
ms anjani 9 dager siden
He is rested for the odi series because he has been in the bubble for long and he have many test match cricket to be played in the summer
Mahendra Rar
Mahendra Rar 13 dager siden
India vs England 2014 odi highlights sir
vicky anime fan
vicky anime fan 13 dager siden
It doesn't matter where Cricket match is being telecast on youtube 95% views come from India 😁😉
Eeshan Gupta
Eeshan Gupta 13 dager siden
England wins in England, India wins in India. This ain't fair.
Mohammad Zubair
Mohammad Zubair 13 dager siden
U r here everything with bat U don't respect bat That day we hate u a selfish n angry man hide in a legend root
Best WhatsApp Status
Best WhatsApp Status 13 dager siden
Respect for Pandya. ❤️
Aman Shrivastava
Aman Shrivastava 13 dager siden
I love joe root attitude and cool
Thamindu Waravita
Thamindu Waravita 13 dager siden
Bat drop woow❤🔥🏏love him so much
Kenya Khan
Kenya Khan 13 dager siden
I love England and Wales I also support England team love u so much From Pakistan
kuldeep singh
kuldeep singh 13 dager siden
And "garbage" won the series for India.
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh 13 dager siden
Hardik pandya smartly tried his best to stop root scoring 100 when 2 runs were required he thrown a wide ball then tried to bowl a height no ball. it's not good
PROGAMER 13 dager siden
Love from india
Dinesh kumar A
Dinesh kumar A 13 dager siden
But dropped every indian series 😂😂😂
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 13 dager siden
HARDIK shouldn't have done that
Piyush Sharan
Piyush Sharan 13 dager siden
ENGLAND IS, WAS AND ALWAYS WILL THE BEST. Come on, ENGLAND, U can win the upcoming T20 CWC this year.
Piyush Sharan
Piyush Sharan 12 dager siden
@Kashif Khan India lost that series (2-1) and they also lost the test series (4-1) to ENG in 2018. One of the worst tours IND had. Come on ENG
Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan 12 dager siden
No india will win this series 💪💪
Aditya Jadhav
Aditya Jadhav 13 dager siden
IDK why he doesn't play IPL? 😃😃
Parth Mhatre
Parth Mhatre 13 dager siden
0:58 This is garbage
Parth Mhatre
Parth Mhatre 13 dager siden
Who hurt Michael vaughan doing commentary here? 😂😂😂
Jimmy Anderson
Jimmy Anderson 13 dager siden
Simply one of the best batsman in the world 🙌
Harsh Sharma1 9c
Harsh Sharma1 9c 13 dager siden
Hardik at last done 1 wide ball. And i thought 2 wide ball also he have to do so, joe root doesn't get a century.
Harsh Sharma1 9c
Harsh Sharma1 9c 13 dager siden
@Shubham G 😅😅😅
Shubham G
Shubham G 13 dager siden
Typical Indian mind
Buttler Bharath
Buttler Bharath 13 dager siden
Love 💞 you Rooty
sporty pitch
sporty pitch 13 dager siden
Please also upload the India smashed England in 2021 in all three format ....
Subhash c
Subhash c 13 dager siden
Jason Roy 100 vs Australia full videos plz
Alex C
Alex C 13 dager siden
He’s such a lad.
K K 13 dager siden
Why didn't Joe Root played in the ODI series now in 2021
K K 13 dager siden
@Charlie Garner OK
Charlie Garner
Charlie Garner 13 dager siden
@K K no he means bubble, with COVID you have to stay just with your teammates in the hotels and stadium which they call a bubble because you’re not allowed out
K K 13 dager siden
@delriogw Do u mean trouble
K K 13 dager siden
@delriogw bubble?
delriogw 13 dager siden
He was being rested. England have a lot of test cricket this year and he'd been in the bubble for a while.
Rohan Kumar
Rohan Kumar 13 dager siden
The bat drop is much much more famous than the whole series...👇👇👇👇
Aman Dash
Aman Dash 13 dager siden
Then virat replies this bat drop moment in tests🔥🔥🔥
Tahsin Bin yamin
Tahsin Bin yamin 6 dager siden
@Aman Dash if other player shows attitude it is wrong if indian players does that it is right.hypocrites pindian. what about the attitude that kohli gave to kestrick williams. what about the sword celebration of jadeja. if kohli was an humble or kind player he woudnt have took revenge from root.did you ever saw kohli say sorry.root said sorry after that. which drug did you use today?win is not important right?
Aman Dash
Aman Dash 8 dager siden
@Intelligent Dude lost or win is no t important Attitude is everything 🔥🔥
Tahsin Bin yamin
Tahsin Bin yamin 12 dager siden
@Bharath Krishnan R so in the end they lost.
Bharath Krishnan R
Bharath Krishnan R 13 dager siden
@Tahsin Bin yamin other batsmen were not up to the mark he was leading run scorer from both teams in their back yard
Tahsin Bin yamin
Tahsin Bin yamin 13 dager siden
@The Challenger then they lost the series.
Rahul Raman
Rahul Raman 13 dager siden
Pandya want to over the innings with a no ball but root hits boundary on that ball..
Karthik J
Karthik J 13 dager siden
How on earth is he not part of the playing 11 anymore ?
UAS 13 dager siden
Alpha 06
Alpha 06 13 dager siden
DK fielding despite knowing it won't change the result is the reason root got his 100!
Alpha 06
Alpha 06 12 dager siden
@Kashif Khan yeah I know. Just pointing it out.
Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan 12 dager siden
When you play cricket you tried to defend every single run even after knowing that you can not win its decrease the margin of lose and dk is very good player i am kkr fans
Apurba Baruah
Apurba Baruah 13 dager siden
Joe Root ❤❤❤
Shivam Chatak
Shivam Chatak 13 dager siden
The best celebration in cricket history
Dinesh Kuldeep
Dinesh Kuldeep 13 dager siden
Love that celebration
Abhinandan De
Abhinandan De 13 dager siden
0:18 Signs of a class player. Opens his innings with such a beautiful stroke off the back foot. And don't start writing hate comments and comparing him with Virat Kohli. Other beautiful shots include: 1:28, 1:57 and 2:42
Aryan's wonderworld
Aryan's wonderworld 7 dager siden
Ya, i get it man, but can't u appreciate the class of that shot?
Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan 12 dager siden
And reverse sweep too He is good but we are indian and we like india
Dr Hussain Community Leader VIP
It's his ROOT to a 100
md sameer
md sameer 13 dager siden
Where are the English guys ? Comment section is full of Indian/asian people
Hammad Fans
Hammad Fans 13 dager siden
Amazing but I m a fan of Hammad Khatri. He hearing impaired NOsectionsr. No one notices him. His channel name *Hammad Khatri*
Dheeraj Vavilala
Dheeraj Vavilala 13 dager siden
Dheeraj Vavilala
Dheeraj Vavilala 13 dager siden
Dheeraj Vavilala
Dheeraj Vavilala 13 dager siden
Dheeraj Vavilala
Dheeraj Vavilala 13 dager siden
Dheeraj Vavilala
Dheeraj Vavilala 13 dager siden
Dheeraj Vavilala
Dheeraj Vavilala 13 dager siden
Dheeraj Vavilala
Dheeraj Vavilala 13 dager siden
Muhammad Osja
Muhammad Osja 13 dager siden
One of the best century from Joe root 👍🏻☺️
Orson Kart
Orson Kart 13 dager siden
What a player !
Rahul l
Rahul l 3 dager siden
What a reply !
Ansh Tripathi
Ansh Tripathi 13 dager siden
@Faizan Ali 😂😂
Faizan Ali
Faizan Ali 13 dager siden
What a comment