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With the 2020 IT20 World Cup postponed, we're bringing the competition to you with some classic matches! Have your say by voting in the comments for your favourite match to go through to the final! ⬇️
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England & Wales Cricket Board
It's an all England v Pakistan Semi-Final 🚨Comment *2019* or *2020* below to cast your vote! ⬇️
Ayan Imtiaz
Ayan Imtiaz Dag siden
Arshid Talib
Arshid Talib 2 dager siden
Arshid Talib
Arshid Talib 2 dager siden
pakistan wins the t20 world cup
Ravi Patnaik
Ravi Patnaik 27 dager siden
Fazeel Syed
Fazeel Syed Måned siden
SD Speaks
SD Speaks Dag siden
karachi ki trains
karachi ki trains 2 dager siden
World cup 2019 match .ct2017 semi where ?
Yasin Javed
Yasin Javed 3 dager siden
Dude Panda
Dude Panda 3 dager siden
Sajjad Aslam
Sajjad Aslam 3 dager siden
I vote pakistan cricket.He is best
J4 U
J4 U 6 dager siden
Saurav Srivastava
Saurav Srivastava 9 dager siden
Whenever I listen Pakistan as a number one t20 team.. I feels like😂😂😂😂😂. Even can't win with england B team
remix chanal
remix chanal 11 dager siden
Lol chanel
rumaisa usman
rumaisa usman 11 dager siden
PUBG Official
PUBG Official 14 dager siden
Both 💕
Ayaz Iqbal Iqbal ahmed
Ayaz Iqbal Iqbal ahmed 17 dager siden
Asif ali only domestic player
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 19 dager siden
FlinkZ Mussa
FlinkZ Mussa 21 dag siden
Pakistan is my favourite team And the best team for me Pakistan Zindabad 🇵🇰
Gaming Zone
Gaming Zone 21 dag siden
You are england and have those share video which win england
Ayan Asim
Ayan Asim 22 dager siden
It was in 2020
cricket lover
cricket lover 22 dager siden
Pak lol
cricket lover
cricket lover 22 dager siden
I love indian cricket
cricket lover
cricket lover 22 dager siden
Jay hind
shokat husain
shokat husain 24 dager siden
Dawood Khan
Dawood Khan 25 dager siden
Always Pakistan
daniyal meraj
daniyal meraj 25 dager siden
we can clearly see glimpses of virat kohli in babars eyes.Babar needs brush himself a bit more and perform with more consistency. he will surely top the tables in all the formats!!
AK Talal
AK Talal 25 dager siden
Crizon Vandary
Crizon Vandary 26 dager siden
India is the only team to beat England in all format of Cricket. Love and respect to king kohli from Nepal ❤️🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
AYAN 26 dager siden
Pakistan is the worst team in the world lmao
SAMEER 44 27 dager siden
Hira Sikandar
Hira Sikandar 27 dager siden
My Vote Pakistan VS England IT20 2019
Peeyush unique
Peeyush unique 27 dager siden
Only india
Mantic 28 dager siden
babar azam and eoin morgan
Rana Abdullah
Rana Abdullah 28 dager siden
I've seen one player improve a lot, like a lot. Genius. That is professor, Muhammad Hafeez!! He has his tough times but now he's just rocketing things like a specialist Things take time. If you persist enough even if you do bad or not so great in the beginning, you eventually improve a lot and earn the respect!! Such a decent & elegant player he has become!!! So Much Love & Respect!!❤👑
Zain Asif
Zain Asif 27 dager siden
@Rana Abdullah yes he is not a match winner before 35 , but now he can win the match single handly , he improve his power hitting alot
Rana Abdullah
Rana Abdullah 27 dager siden
@Zain Asif not useless though :)
Zain Asif
Zain Asif 27 dager siden
Yes he become best after 35 before he is useless
Usama Mughal
Usama Mughal 28 dager siden
Pakistan ❤️
NEWS AFFAIRS 28 dager siden
Pakistan best
Blue Flame Boi -Roblox Gaming
Suhail Farooq
Suhail Farooq Måned siden
haris rauf is a bachaa.... bowls like a baby....
Saif Ali
Saif Ali Måned siden
My vote Eoin morgan
Salman But
Salman But Måned siden
Eshal chaudhry
Eshal chaudhry Måned siden
Mohsin Saifi
Mohsin Saifi Måned siden
Nixon M
Nixon M Måned siden
Morgan batting outstanding
REFŁEX KHAN Måned siden
ENGLAND ❤ second favourite after my own country pak😍
M Shafi Bhutta Furniture House Bhola Mussa
Babar Azam is very good player
Arslan khan Ark
Arslan khan Ark Måned siden
I think batting of Hafeez is worth watching
Mir Mehraj
Mir Mehraj Måned siden
Babar ❤️
cricket lover
cricket lover 22 dager siden
Jay hind
Sadiya S
Sadiya S Måned siden
What's happening here
ZERO means HERO Måned siden
Flawless Måned siden
Plz bring the semi final of champions trophy...if you dare💪
Ali Arshad
Ali Arshad 3 timer siden
@achin rudra Tum jaisa loug go kisi ko faltu pani tkk nai deta woo kia final match dushman country ko diyaak krr dain ga😂
achin rudra
achin rudra 4 timer siden
@Ali Arshad no I am indian Aur fir you kind information wo match india pakistan ko bhek me de diya tha kyuki pakistan ke pas ek bhi icc trophy nahi ha losser pakistan
Ali Arshad
Ali Arshad 4 timer siden
@achin rudra 😂🐰I think you belong to the nation who celebrated Pakistan's victory in champion trophy semifinal more than Pakistanis.
achin rudra
achin rudra 11 timer siden
Galti se jit gaua tha pakistan
Flawless 8 dager siden
@Hassam sikendar tu Sadiq public school mai prhta hai Kya?
Logi Roof Hangers
Logi Roof Hangers Måned siden
It is a exchange match
ajith karthikeya thota
Deepak Chhalani
Deepak Chhalani Måned siden
Amjad Khan
Amjad Khan Måned siden
Babar azam and runout has good relation.😃😃😃
Punit Ag
Punit Ag Måned siden
Allah f*ked 😂😂😂
Ali Bahi
Ali Bahi Måned siden
Farrukh Farrukh
Farrukh Farrukh Måned siden
You missed the final
Shoaib Rajput
Shoaib Rajput Måned siden
long live Pakistan. and long live friendship between United Kingdom and Pakistan.
ANKIT425 123
ANKIT425 123 Måned siden
An Official Youtuber
Its all of morgan
Wajahat ali
Wajahat ali 2 måneder siden
Kumar Pradeep
Kumar Pradeep 2 måneder siden
England is a big big team.....just Pakistan 😄😄😄😄😅100% Pakistan unfit team😅😄
Aqeel Khan
Aqeel Khan 2 måneder siden
Founders of cricket vs Lovers of cricket
Me cutelicious
Me cutelicious 2 måneder siden
England vs Pakistan always a last ball thriller matches...always love it ❤️👍🔥🔥
Zohaib Jamali
Zohaib Jamali 2 måneder siden
England vs Pakistan always intersting matches and we enjoy Pakistan and England matches
Cricbadsha 2 måneder siden
that's Say Easy--England Will Win 😂😂😂
Usmanganihardwear stor
Usmanganihardwear stor 2 måneder siden
arvind maikhuri
arvind maikhuri 2 måneder siden
4:17 just Pakistani things...
Sachin Chauhan
Sachin Chauhan 2 måneder siden
Is Pakistan any team of cricket??😁😁
Noor-E-Wilayat TV
Noor-E-Wilayat TV 2 måneder siden
Ariz Khan
Ariz Khan 3 måneder siden
My vote:- Pak vs Eng semi final 2019
Zeeshan Hafeez
Zeeshan Hafeez 3 måneder siden
Jaydeep Prajapat
Jaydeep Prajapat 3 måneder siden
430 Saahil Riyaz Bhat
430 Saahil Riyaz Bhat 3 måneder siden
Govind Reddy Gade
Govind Reddy Gade 3 måneder siden
Hate pak
Haseeb Amjad
Haseeb Amjad 3 måneder siden
2020 for the final
Kallol biswas
Kallol biswas 3 måneder siden
England will be win.
Jibran Hussain
Jibran Hussain 3 måneder siden
Md Faiyaz
Md Faiyaz 3 måneder siden
One thing common ...babar
Malik Mughees
Malik Mughees 3 måneder siden
Morgan and babar fifties in both matches
WORLD CRICKET 3 måneder siden
gaming channel free fire
gaming channel free fire 3 måneder siden
Jagannath Bhatia
Jagannath Bhatia 3 måneder siden
Zahid khan
Zahid khan 3 måneder siden
Ye log 2020 ka 3 t20 match nha dekh raha
ARUP MAHATO 3 måneder siden
Two matches highlights inside one video, I like it ❤️
Ammar Malik
Ammar Malik 3 måneder siden
Pak vs eng 2017 champions trophy semi final❤️
chetan saluja
chetan saluja 3 måneder siden
Fahim Ashraf ko bolwing mat do bai
imia khan
imia khan 3 måneder siden
Babar azam No.01 batsman ku icc nah kese bi list mai neh rakha unbelievable yakeen neh hotie
Ubaid Alam
Ubaid Alam 3 måneder siden
Usman Ali Vlogs
Usman Ali Vlogs 3 måneder siden
Subscribe plz
ahmad aqeel
ahmad aqeel 3 måneder siden
Pakistan worst bowling attack of the history
Ebran Ansari
Ebran Ansari 3 måneder siden
Referral code AASALA3GH
Sudais Khan
Sudais Khan 3 måneder siden
The public angora disturbingly print because cause opportunely bow lest a hoc equipment. jobless, jumbled pancake
Supair Chuppu
Supair Chuppu 3 måneder siden
England gg
FREE WiFi 3 måneder siden
Diya Queen
Diya Queen 3 måneder siden
PEACEBLOW 18 3 måneder siden
Love to watch HAFIZ I m huge fan of him And I m from INDIA
Talha khan
Talha khan 3 måneder siden
Eng vs Pakistan. Love to watch
Usama Khan
Usama Khan 3 måneder siden
Pakistan vs England best matches are best any time.
RISHABH SAINI 3 måneder siden
England is winner
Nazakat Ali
Nazakat Ali 3 måneder siden
Moazam Ali
Moazam Ali 3 måneder siden
My vote:Baber azam
Zaid Mohammad Khan
Zaid Mohammad Khan 3 måneder siden
England don't deserve 2020 world cup 🏆
Vedikkai Guys
Vedikkai Guys 3 måneder siden
J archer...
Khatal Mulla
Khatal Mulla 3 måneder siden
Nice batting Morgan
The Truth About my Son
The Truth About my Son