Buttler's Trent Bridge Ton! | First EVER Test 100! | England v India 3rd Test 2018 

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Jos Buttler secures that all-important first Test Century at his home ground, Trent Bridge against India back in 2018.
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31. mars. 2021





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J K 3 dager siden
Jos buttler 360 player his shot is amazing ..
sanchit kumar singh
sanchit kumar singh 13 dager siden
And in 2020 we hosted England and see what happened 🤣🤣
The Nebula
The Nebula 14 dager siden
You should give some credit to IPL as well
Jofra Archer
Jofra Archer 15 dager siden
Any RR fan here
Dopple Dimes
Dopple Dimes 15 dager siden
And now England were bashed black and blue by India...It was hilarious to see the highly boasting England batting getting all out for 87.. India convincingly demolished and annihilated England in tests..Even in T20's and ODI's despite showing some character England lost against an Indian team which was not in full strength with many of its key players missing ...Example - Bumrah, shami, ishant, jadeja, etc while England was at full strength and with the tag of World champion in ODI's and No.1 in T20, England lost decisively against India.. The India tour gave England a reality check and elimination from WTC final.. So, I suggest England and English fans and citizens to stop boasting and learn to stay grounded..
Dopple Dimes
Dopple Dimes 14 dager siden
@maruthi srikanth Well then, I guess you were not aware of what had been going on in social media, English newspapers and in England when England was about to tour India...Even retired English cricketers as Kevin Pietersen started boasting hammer and tongs with statements filled with over confidence as " Beating Australia in Australia is no big task , if you are the best then beat us " and " We are coming to India In hindi " ..Don't really know whether his comment is still there in Twitter or not as nothing in social media is permanent these days...Also, the statements of micheal vaughan and other English cricketers were filled with over confidence and excessive pride..James Anderson's statements on Virat kohli and demeaning his achievements .. And not to forget, English cricketers namely Ben stokes started using unfair means to win the match as ball tempering with saliva ( ODI match ) and started complaining about the pitch being unplayable due to spin ( in test matches ) without even recalling that India never complains of swinging pitch in England or pacy pitch in Australia during its foreign tour and never ever had India used any such unfair means as ball tempering or mocking the on field umpires decision.. Atleast Indians can now take pride of themselves not just because India won but because India won both the three formats fair and square without any foul play and most importantly India gave a befitting reply with action rather than words to the over confident and excessive pride driven English cricketers, media and the people ..India have comprehensively beaten Australia in Australia especially the gabba feat was extraordinary and now beating the so called ODI champion and NO.1 T20 team giving them a dose of their own medicine..In addition, India won the ODI's and T20's against England without key players as Bumrah, shami , ishant and jadeja and also a berth in the WTC final...This series was more of a reflection of the expanding talent pool of Indian cricketing system... With a good foundation and infrastructure, the future looks bright for upcoming talented youngsters in Indian cricket.. Dont you think this is enough for Indians deserve to take Pride on themselves ??
Sanjay Kumar Giri
Sanjay Kumar Giri 16 dager siden
Watching Test match in England is more like a Hollywood movie.
Same lord Pattyeri
Same lord Pattyeri 16 dager siden
Jos buttler genius player and good personality and what a smile
Leon animation
Leon animation 17 dager siden
Did anyone think that it was his first test fifty also
Sᴀʟɪᴋ 17 dager siden
WE HOSTED ENGLAND IN. 2021..AND. THIS. HAPPEND----- 3-1. 3-2. 2-1........WHITEWASH...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
L Umesh
L Umesh 17 dager siden
Thanks for pant Brilliant century
vetri 18 dager siden
JOS BUTTLER I am Your bigggggggggggggggggest FAN from INDIA I like you so much 😉 you so handsome
Explore With Ahsan
Explore With Ahsan 18 dager siden
England missed buttler and sam curran in test matches in india
Aaditya Kulkarni
Aaditya Kulkarni 18 dager siden
Can't believe so much talented england side plays like Zimbabwe in India 😂
Vaishalik Jain
Vaishalik Jain 18 dager siden
Abhi Verma
Abhi Verma 18 dager siden
That was 2018 nd now its 2021. Let's see what happens
Manan Kaushik
Manan Kaushik 18 dager siden
His cover drive is eye catching especially against the spinners
Hana Saleko
Hana Saleko 2 dager siden
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Umesh Patel
Umesh Patel 18 dager siden
Buttler is my favourite English player 🤗
PUSHPENDRA SINGH 18 dager siden
Josh bhai nailed it❤️❤️
hussen chicharito
hussen chicharito 2 dager siden
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Logesh Logesh
Logesh Logesh 18 dager siden
2021 eng vs ind ..... series ....test series only ind side ...t20 and odi both teams more then fights ...
Salman Mogal
Salman Mogal 18 dager siden
Butter my favourite 😎😎😎👌👌👌👍👍👍😍😍😍😘😘😘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
VIKRANT KAUSHIK 18 dager siden
पुरानति देखगे ही जी टीकाल्यो 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
status 4 life official
status 4 life official 19 dager siden
India won by 203 runs 👆
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar 19 dager siden
Wait for this summer. Remember how we concured Aussies 😁😁
Kartik Raj Singh
Kartik Raj Singh 19 dager siden
India vs England in England like India vs England in India comment
YOGESH KUMAR 19 dager siden
Did you forget when india hosted england in 2021 ... All the three formats were won won by__________
uddeshya singh
uddeshya singh 17 dager siden
SUSMITA PRAMANIK 19 dager siden
They are just trying to forget the loss against India😂😂😂😂
Krishnaraj Shetty
Krishnaraj Shetty 19 dager siden
Big Buttler's special fan ,love from India😀
Jyotirmoy Deka
Jyotirmoy Deka 19 dager siden
Hope all of us remember the 3 series vs india in 2021.....interesting to saw all the players of india and england playing with their 💯%
Mom Chattopadhyay Gupta
I think that even the ECB Board seeing that only indians are writing in the comment Sections and subscribing their channel and watching their videos, ECB seems to be extremely pleased to see us , so they are trying to make us only by uploading such videos. I mean actually England won this test series 4-1 against India and the only test they lost in the series was this test match only in a embarrassing way despite England's hard work and brilliant knocks from Jos Butter and Ben Stokes . And ECB showing us highlights of a test mach which they eventually went on to lose at the end , so extremely thanks a lot ECB by making us happy to see our team India beat your team England in your own backyard in a test match in your own NOsections channel . Extremely thanks and keep this up and we want to 👍👍 see such kind of videos that make us happy in the future also ECB 😉😉😁😁😂 😂😂, keep this up since afterall we Indians only visit your channel see your videos and also write in your comment section ECB, so keep this up by making such kind of videos which will make us happy in the future also ECB👍👍👍😁😁😁😉😉😉. And also thanks for making such videos that make us Indians happy in your very own channel so thanks also from us Indians only 😂😊😂☺️😂😊 and keep making such videos that also make us Indians happy in the future ECB 👍👍👍👍😉😉😉😁😂😂😂.
Daman Singh
Daman Singh 18 dager siden
That's what Inferior complex does too you why you kick ECB ass soo much
Sushma Singh
Sushma Singh 19 dager siden
We hosted England in 2021 and what happened u all know that...🇮🇳🇮🇳
Anupam Alabyayan
Anupam Alabyayan 19 dager siden
2018 was past 2021 is present New youngsters in Indian team will full of josh
saif hassan
saif hassan 19 dager siden
Akash Raj
Akash Raj 19 dager siden
When corona was not in the world🤗🤗
supriyo burn
supriyo burn 19 dager siden
to india me aake ishka gila kyu ho jata hain test me
Naveen Praveen
Naveen Praveen 19 dager siden
Why can't ECB digest loss... Buttler is a class batsman but uploading this video right after India thrash England shows how Jealous are they at the moment
kunjalata sahoo
kunjalata sahoo 19 dager siden
But but but the fact is England lost this match with a margin of 200+ run
Ibby gaming
Ibby gaming 19 dager siden
My favourite player is jos buttler 2nd eion morgan 3rd Alex Hales
vishal rustagi
vishal rustagi 19 dager siden
We hosted u in 2021 and destroyed u. We won all the series. You were the laughing stock all over the world.
Hemant Khati
Hemant Khati 19 dager siden
Now this time, ☹️ you'll loose at your home white cheeks. 😇
Fakhar Zaman
Fakhar Zaman 19 dager siden
Pranesh R
Pranesh R 19 dager siden
Aswin will out England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Ayush Uniyal
Ayush Uniyal 19 dager siden
Last time ashwin was not in form ,so he is not getting tail enders ,this time expect him to be dominant because heis biggest match winner
AngelicusImmortus 19 dager siden
Future Captain. Tests/T20/one day matches. They really need to put him into Test cricket, and have him as Wk not Bairstow!
Saidul Islam
Saidul Islam 19 dager siden
Johnny, buttler, stokes had debut in their recent times.. but honestly from the beginning i waz huge fan of buttler and stokes..
Lian simte
Lian simte 2 dager siden
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Music Unofficial
Music Unofficial 19 dager siden
Love from Maharashtra indian
Ja Di
Ja Di 19 dager siden
Love you Joss Buttler
Shyaam Sundar
Shyaam Sundar 19 dager siden
BUTTLER is a good player in all 3 formats of cricket because he is a great player. I like Buttler
Rishi Roggers
Rishi Roggers 19 dager siden
Great way to pleasing your fans after india tour.🙂 3-0🏆
munna tripathi
munna tripathi 16 dager siden
🤣😂 👍👍 tum toh bade heavy driver ho😂
Rathod Milan
Rathod Milan 16 dager siden
@Abhishek Sikdar whitewashed them in tour, by winning all three formats.
JOKER GAMING 18 dager siden
@Abhishek Sikdar 3 in 1 wins ( test, ODI and T20 )
Abhishek Sikdar
Abhishek Sikdar 19 dager siden
3-0 what??
MOHD SAZID 19 dager siden
Hahaha and what about whitewash in all 3 format series , this 2021😆😆
Aditya Gadge
Aditya Gadge 19 dager siden
But in last who winnnn --- india🔥🤣
Arman Mansuri
Arman Mansuri 19 dager siden
Ind jeeti thi isme
Rehamatulla Khan
Rehamatulla Khan 19 dager siden
My favourite cricketer is virat kohli
Zain Shakeel
Zain Shakeel 19 dager siden
My idiol Jos buttler
Prathmesh Patil
Prathmesh Patil 19 dager siden
Bastard Virat Kohli
Vibhav S
Vibhav S 19 dager siden
One of the best wicket keeping batsman
ImaginarY 19 dager siden
Jos the boss
Deepak Tiwari
Deepak Tiwari 19 dager siden
A good man. A human.
Niranjan Joshi
Niranjan Joshi 19 dager siden
He bats so well against INDIANS
Amit Aggarwal
Amit Aggarwal 19 dager siden
England are unbeatable at home india will lose series this time also they will struggle against swing of england result will be 4_1
MuVi Muzical
MuVi Muzical 19 dager siden
Wtf Only clapping In india ....crowd wow oooo
pritam CHAKRABORTY 19 dager siden
Who won the test???
anuja garg
anuja garg 19 dager siden
And we won this match 😂😂
Asish Rai
Asish Rai 19 dager siden
Love from Nepal ❤
Ibrahim Tokcam
Ibrahim Tokcam 2 dager siden
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S K 19 dager siden
Jos butler the real gentleman
game slayer 2017
game slayer 2017 19 dager siden
Also josh buttler
game slayer 2017
game slayer 2017 19 dager siden
My is Ben strokes and Joe root
Gaming Legends
Gaming Legends 19 dager siden
buttler + stokes = 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥rain of sixes
Trinadha Bankapalli
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Gaming Legends
Gaming Legends 19 dager siden
@Uhtc Malpe bro maine pehle bhi same comment daala tha uspe 67 likes the lekin maine edit kara aur comment deleted
Uhtc Malpe
Uhtc Malpe 19 dager siden
Sahi pakde hei aap
Ar7 Football
Ar7 Football 19 dager siden
But the winner is team india😂🇮🇳
Atharva Takkar
Atharva Takkar 19 dager siden
But still they lost the match🤣🤣🤣
Dr. Asita Ghewari
Dr. Asita Ghewari 19 dager siden
After defeat in india u must cherish past only
Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar 19 dager siden
7:13 called true spotrs man
Narayanan Ndsv
Narayanan Ndsv 19 dager siden
India vs England India white wash😆😆😆
Mayank Parashar
Mayank Parashar 19 dager siden
but unfortunately england lost this match😭
Shahid cricketwala
Shahid cricketwala 19 dager siden
Who is like cricket 😇😇
Ramakanta Dash
Ramakanta Dash 19 dager siden
After England lose from india tour 3-0 he send for formalities maintain for his fans😀😀😀😀
Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal 19 dager siden
Buttler play very well against Pakistan also in 2020
Gaming hacker ipl 2020
Gaming hacker ipl 2020 19 dager siden
Is a batsman for Jos butler and Ben stokes
Vikrant Kolte
Vikrant Kolte 19 dager siden
Don't cry England team you are noob
Payel Paul
Payel Paul 19 dager siden
Mayank saini
Mayank saini 19 dager siden
And in 2021 we hosted India this happen to england 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 players 🤧😥 after losing 3 series 🥰🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Mayank saini
Mayank saini 14 dager siden
@BHARANI MORGAN per abki bar to 3 series jite na 🇮🇳🇮🇳😎😎👏👏
Tejas Bajwa
Tejas Bajwa 14 dager siden
Gajab besti 😂😂
Usman Usman
Usman Usman 19 dager siden
Nandkishor Moon
Nandkishor Moon 19 dager siden
How much foreign money enter in the India ???
Ashley Waterson
Ashley Waterson 19 dager siden
Virat is gonna whoop your butts Poms lmao.
Payel Paul
Payel Paul 19 dager siden
Jimmy will return the favour back
Sport and Music 24/7
Sport and Music 24/7 19 dager siden
Trent Bridge is not his home ground lol 😆
Anil Laxman
Anil Laxman 19 dager siden
He's the next big wicket keeper the world is going to see, the next MSD
Ram sharma
Ram sharma 18 dager siden
@dejo baiyya Rishab pant bhi karta hai name dhoni ka bhi catch xuta hai pant ka bhi Tyo xuta hai name catch After dhoni, Jos butter is better wk than r pant
dejo baiyya
dejo baiyya 18 dager siden
@Ram sharma drop kohli easy catch and bad technique
dejo baiyya
dejo baiyya 18 dager siden
@Ram sharma jos buttler overacting kerta hai wicket keeping mai
Ram sharma
Ram sharma 19 dager siden
Yes u r right But only over nationality people love their country player and said Rishab pant but he is not able to make ms dhoni and Jos buttler
Johnson Jeff
Johnson Jeff 19 dager siden
competition wallah jokes
Not able to control my laughing while kholi claping
competition wallah jokes
SOUMYA 19 dager siden
Bo roti belne ki pratice kar raha tha shamm ko ghar bhi to jana he ki nehi🤣
Hariprasad Naduviledath
comedy video
comedy video 19 dager siden
Buttler fan be like🙏
Praneeth Sagar
Praneeth Sagar 19 dager siden
Result of the game!
Monjit Bora
Monjit Bora 19 dager siden
Virat Kohli
Omkaar Deepak
Omkaar Deepak 19 dager siden
biased ecb idiots, in kohlis 149they showed how he got out but they dont show it hEre, understand the menality of these blokes
Sportcat01 19 dager siden
Ecb channel still shows so many Indian milestones. Keep calm bro.. Bcci don’t even have a channel , why ?
VP 19 dager siden
Who won this match?
VP 19 dager siden
VP 19 dager siden
@Ayaan Aga thanks bro
SOUMYA 19 dager siden
@Ayaan Aga aaur series
Ayaan Aga
Ayaan Aga 19 dager siden
India bro😎❤️
Calcium Sodium
Calcium Sodium 19 dager siden
Why root wasn’t squad in odi?
Sportcat01 19 dager siden
He was rested
Xi Jing Ping
Xi Jing Ping 19 dager siden
July 5test IND vs ENG 🤡
Raja Pandi
Raja Pandi 19 dager siden
Jos butler loves from tamilnadu
Invincible Anmol
Invincible Anmol 16 dager siden
@varad bhise so what , atleast he should be able to convey what he means or what he intends to convey properly, what's the point of having knowledge and not knowing how to present the information, give ur bullshit logic elsewhere
Shubham Singh Chauhan
Shubham Singh Chauhan 17 dager siden
@Invincible Anmol 😂😂
Shubham Singh Chauhan
Shubham Singh Chauhan 17 dager siden
@varad bhise so what English is a language...if he don't know English then he should write the language in which he is comfortable in...no one forced him to say english
varad bhise
varad bhise 17 dager siden
Invincible Anmol
Invincible Anmol 18 dager siden
@Shubham Singh Chauhan yeah 😂😂😂
Soumyadeep Bhadra
Soumyadeep Bhadra 19 dager siden
𝑱𝒐𝒔𝒉 𝒃𝒖𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒓😀
chandru chandru
chandru chandru 19 dager siden
Ritik Raj
Ritik Raj 19 dager siden
Waiting for the day England keep away mark on players in playing 11
AJAI FF 19 dager siden
U have lost match against India so u r putting video supporting them what a stupid mind😂😂😂
naveen vysyaraju
naveen vysyaraju 19 dager siden
Uploaded by ECB..most watched& commented by Indians😂☺️🙂
Adarsh Rocky
Adarsh Rocky 19 dager siden
@Sportcat01 yeah true 🤣🤣
Sportcat01 19 dager siden
I don’t think this time as it is an English batsman . If it was an Indian player scoring a hundred , it would be like 75% Indians 😂
Ganger 9 mill
Ganger 9 mill