Best Catches in 2020! | Ft. Fakhar, Taylor, Hazlewood & more! | England Cricket 

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Take a look back at some of the best catches in 2020!
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12. jan.. 2021





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England & Wales Cricket Board
Some unbelievable catches last year! 🔥 Which one is your favourite? 🤔
SG MUSIC 2 måneder siden
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 2 måneder siden
Must See clips
Must See clips 3 måneder siden
Best catch ever by Cook.👇 nosections.info/green/kpucroyCp69qrdA/video.html
Girish B P
Girish B P 3 måneder siden
@Wajeeh Siddiqui and a second in Kannada movie online song
VISHAL YADAV 3 måneder siden
1819 Games
1819 Games 19 dager siden
1:09 my favourite
shashi shekhar
shashi shekhar 2 måneder siden
This is not best catches video... But some catches are really good
pawan Jot
pawan Jot 2 måneder siden
I think labushane drop the catch
krishna Gaikwad
krishna Gaikwad 2 måneder siden
Title rename:- best catches of vitality blast 2020 (Eng,aus,pak catches also) Women's team also included.😲😲😲👍👍👌👌😍😍
Rajni Agrawal
Rajni Agrawal 2 måneder siden
They are missing great catches from IPL 2020
sushant kumar
sushant kumar 2 måneder siden
No indian player catch 😠😡
Hacker Black
Hacker Black 2 måneder siden
What's thisnosections.info/green/kap0eYeobHuYrr4/video.html
Aman Sah
Aman Sah 2 måneder siden
No indian catch were there whhhhhhhyyyyy
SRINIVAS KURUKURI 2 måneder siden
4:33 What a catch 👍👌🏻👌🎉🎊
RaQeeB Panezai
RaQeeB Panezai 2 måneder siden
My Hero takes last one Happy to see☺
Sammy Das
Sammy Das 3 måneder siden
Disclaimer-ECB Video Editor is not harmed in the comment section for selecting outstanding screamer's video.
RajSaa Jagirdaar
RajSaa Jagirdaar 3 måneder siden
Add catches of ipl than your video look more beautiful
Aadesh khelage
Aadesh khelage 3 måneder siden
There is not any Indian player's catches,why??
Fluorescentpropeller 2 måneder siden
@Aadesh khelage How many Indians played county cricket last year?
Aadesh khelage
Aadesh khelage 3 måneder siden
I think u hate us
R1FL3R 3 måneder siden
And the show end on the king 👑
Abdul Samath
Abdul Samath 3 måneder siden
Change the caption like some of the catches in 2020😂
W.ingle 3 måneder siden
How on earth is Jos Buttlers catch against Pakistan not in there! Either of them were beauties!
Gayani Music Video
Gayani Music Video 3 måneder siden
Super Over with Nasir
Super Over with Nasir 3 måneder siden
Prateek Gupta
Prateek Gupta 3 måneder siden
2:04 you fucking kidding me
Ariful Islam
Ariful Islam 3 måneder siden
4:20 what a great catch that is..........i m shocked
Study Creative Sharma
Study Creative Sharma 3 måneder siden
Indian filder is better then other team...
Study Creative Sharma
Study Creative Sharma 3 måneder siden
Why you didn't show indian team catches.....
Fluorescentpropeller 3 måneder siden
Because India didn’t play a game in England last year.
TRIF RINGTO 3 måneder siden
4:22 wtf was that I haven't seen such a blinder
Musawar Mukhtiar
Musawar Mukhtiar 3 måneder siden
Last but not the least Babar Azam 😍
umar gamerz99
umar gamerz99 3 måneder siden
Very good catch taken by rizwan
Kartik Mishra
Kartik Mishra 3 måneder siden
Actually my favourite catch will certainly come in the starting of 2021 and you'll suffer there to choose one out of many.....I'm talking about Team India (hardest team to play in Tests, actually not play with,they play with other teams).
Ahsan gaming
Ahsan gaming 3 måneder siden
Ahsan gaming
Ahsan gaming 3 måneder siden
I spent most of my time in gameplay and recording need your support sisters and brothers😭😭
Deva Rajan
Deva Rajan 3 måneder siden
I like England team
Harsh Pareek
Harsh Pareek 3 måneder siden
4:30 I don't think this is a best catch 🤨🧐🧐
Modi ke chamche
Modi ke chamche 3 måneder siden
Follow my channel.
AALIYA WALI MOTAN 3 måneder siden
Latest Pakistan New Zealand t20 series shadab Khan took a great catch of Martin Guptill
Harilam Barilam
Harilam Barilam 3 måneder siden
These catches are the one in uk ecb does not have allowence to put clips of grounds from other countries thats why u will see that there is england in every match and other than that leaque matches
AALIYA WALI MOTAN 3 måneder siden
AALIYA WALI MOTAN 3 måneder siden
The catch is not in the vedio
Gul Ge
Gul Ge 3 måneder siden
Great catch
Huda .K
Huda .K 3 måneder siden
Mostly are caught and bowled 😀 Great stuff!
Minusha Perera
Minusha Perera 3 måneder siden
This video missing something *Live Audience* it is
nisha mehta
nisha mehta 3 måneder siden
Plzz see indian catches also
Pallikutty Padayan
Pallikutty Padayan 3 måneder siden
Please add story of the day eng vs sl
Helping Others
Helping Others 3 måneder siden
Where is Jadeja🤨🤨🤨
Maneel kumar
Maneel kumar 3 måneder siden
Where is England cricket? We need highlights of 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 vs 🇱🇰 1st test day 1
Maneel kumar
Maneel kumar Måned siden
@Rana Mahmood I understood in Ind vs eng series Thank you
Rana Mahmood
Rana Mahmood Måned siden
it’s in Sri Lanka so they don’t have the rights for highlights
muhammad farrukh
muhammad farrukh 3 måneder siden
6:13 now thats ordinary
Must See clips
Must See clips 3 måneder siden
nosections.info/green/kpucroyCp69qrdA/video.html Best catch ever
Ibrahim Mirza
Ibrahim Mirza 3 måneder siden
Great catches and 4 pakistanis 2020 can't surprise me more.😂
Sanjay Joshi
Sanjay Joshi 3 måneder siden
50 percentage catches of england fielders , channel is england
Charlie Garner
Charlie Garner 3 måneder siden
By the way Indians will be not be k. Here because these are only games in England and no Indians played in England this year
Rojon Rojon
Rojon Rojon 3 måneder siden
Sri lanka vs England test highlights pls
James B
James B 3 måneder siden
idk if you can watch it but nosections.info/green/lYeAiIN3a36otpk/video.html
Nadeem Shareef
Nadeem Shareef 3 måneder siden
Where is Rizwan
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar 3 måneder siden
Night time in uk is cold because the country locate near North pole it is difficult to watch aging person's
Omprakash Modnawal
Omprakash Modnawal 3 måneder siden
Ravindra Jadeja , VIrat Kohli, Manish Panday, Hardik Pandya, where I think name to suna h hoga 🙊🙊🙊
Sukhpreet Singh
Sukhpreet Singh 2 måneder siden
They have copyright only for the matches which England plays
Omprakash Modnawal
Omprakash Modnawal 3 måneder siden
Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey 3 måneder siden
Where's Jadeja😅
Amita Gupta
Amita Gupta 3 måneder siden
It’s catches of 2020
Rafay Ijaz
Rafay Ijaz 3 måneder siden
Pakistani rocks everywhere
Nikhil K Nik
Nikhil K Nik 3 måneder siden
No catches In IPL
Bhawar Kuwar
Bhawar Kuwar 3 måneder siden
Ollie pope vs west Indies
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma 3 måneder siden
Y woman cricket ko upar krne k chhakkar m kuch jyada hi hype de rhe h
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma 3 måneder siden
Is taylor catch is blinder i dont think soo
Cricket sports Update
Cricket sports Update 3 måneder siden
Babar azam and fakhar zaman catch was right of the boundary
Mohammad Saqib Mir
Mohammad Saqib Mir 3 måneder siden
Love pakistan from Indian ocuppied kashmir 😍
Mohammad Saqib Mir
Mohammad Saqib Mir 3 måneder siden
Most pakistanis😘😘😘
Usama Khan
Usama Khan 3 måneder siden
All Pakistani are best and ECB also .
Uzair Arshad
Uzair Arshad 3 måneder siden
Where is Jos buttler catch on the bowling of Stuart Broad against Pakistan. He has taken a blinder in the 3 test
Hello World
Hello World 3 måneder siden
Indians didn't gave even a splendid catch during the past 🤣36 is lucky digit 😅
Umer Videos
Umer Videos 3 måneder siden
Fakhar Zamans catch was brilliant
Ushaben Raj
Ushaben Raj 3 måneder siden
RK Pies20
RK Pies20 2 måneder siden
Wow how did that make it in here
Varun S RAO
Varun S RAO 3 måneder siden
This is what you compile when you don't have real content 😂
nikhil mathematically inclined
India balo ka nhi rkha
Muhammad Asad official 180
Shreyansh Tiwari
Shreyansh Tiwari 3 måneder siden
Cubing With Cam
Cubing With Cam 3 måneder siden
I’m pretty sure that these are the best catches featuring the England Cricket team in England, also the best from the domestic games.
CricketNR 3 måneder siden
4:20 😳 What a catch! That’s the best.
CricketNR 3 måneder siden
@Me Nadir lol
Me Nadir
Me Nadir 3 måneder siden
Not quite
Hammad Siddiqi
Hammad Siddiqi 3 måneder siden
@Gaming Zone he's being sarcastic 😂
Gaming Zone
Gaming Zone 3 måneder siden
It was an easy catch
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh 3 måneder siden
That was absolutely quite brilliant
Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes 3 måneder siden
England vs Sri Lanka 1st Test Cricket Match in 2021 will be held on 14th January 2021 lasting until 18th January 2021 starring at 0430 GMT. After a gap of around 10 months, England's tour of Sri Lanka which was scheduled to take place in March 2020, is all set to begin at the Galle International Stadium. The English team arrived on 3rd January in the island nation, the same day when the hosts were playing their second Test against the Proteas in Johannesburg. Sri Lanka are coming off a 0-2 series sweep against South Africa, but more than the series loss, the thing that troubled them the most during that tour was injuries to several players. The pace department looks good with the likes of Suranga Lakmal, Dushmantha Chameera, and the two young Fernandos, Asitha and Vishwa performing nicely. But a lot will depend on how their spinners, Wanindu Hasaranga and Lasith Embuldeniya fare in their spin-friendly home conditions. Coming to the three lions, er... I mean the visitors, 2020 was good for them as they won two consecutive home series against West Indies and Pakistan. With key performers like Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer rested for this series, a lot will depend on the experienced duo of Joe Root and Jos Buttler. The last time when England toured Sri Lanka in 2018, they managed to beat the hosts 3-0 courtesy impressive performance from their spinners. Will Sri Lanka avenge their 2018 loss, or will history repeat itself? I20 World Test Championship points are definitely at stake, though realistically speaking, both teams are out of the race, with Australia, New Zealand and India being the frontrunners to be in the final. Don't forget to watch it.
suraj ambadekar
suraj ambadekar 3 måneder siden
nosections.info/green/uqKUlpamhm-kw74/video.html Bcci domestic
CSO-06 SATHWIK REDDY 3 måneder siden
3:04 it's a normal catch🙄🙄
Amom Thomas
Amom Thomas 3 måneder siden
Irritating background music ahhh😬
Caesar The Spicy
Caesar The Spicy 3 måneder siden
I can’t believe that in the sea of these mediocre catches you forgot buttlers at the ageas bowl vs Pakistan.
Shahriza Riza
Shahriza Riza 3 måneder siden
Finch's catch was the best,,I think
Yogesh Kumar
Yogesh Kumar 3 måneder siden
𝓘 𝓽𝓸𝓸
Must Watch Gamer
Must Watch Gamer 3 måneder siden
1:09 which teams are these
rakesh kumar
rakesh kumar 3 måneder siden
Tournament name vitality blast
GOG TECH INFO ! 3 måneder siden
In Indian The IPL happens In the same way in England England County Cricket happens every year
Hammad Siddiqi
Hammad Siddiqi 3 måneder siden
Surrey and notinghamshire
Nitish Narang
Nitish Narang 3 måneder siden
Mr Josh Hazlewood
Shaheer Haider
Shaheer Haider 3 måneder siden
Pranjal Handa
Pranjal Handa 3 måneder siden
Well that's the thing nowadays that everyone is taking these blinders but dropping dollys
Ali Khan
Ali Khan 3 måneder siden
All catches brilliant
Modi Of Pubg
Modi Of Pubg 3 måneder siden
There should be Faf Du Plessie too and pollard
Talk & Travel
Talk & Travel 3 måneder siden
Dubai Cricket Stadium VIP Box Tour دبئی کرکٹ سٹیڈیم وی آئی پی باکس کا منظر nosections.info/green/qJR_m5-TdIeu1sw/video.html
Virat Cricket Club
Virat Cricket Club 3 måneder siden
6:48 Is that one of the best catch🤨
Huda .K
Huda .K 3 måneder siden
Oh God! No way
Awais Mahar
Awais Mahar 3 måneder siden
This is the best catch of 2020 nosections.info/green/y6lna4x0dW6HprY/video.html
Gurucharan Mani
Gurucharan Mani 3 måneder siden
Wait.. where's Jos Buttler's Ageas Bowl Catch vs Pak?????????????????????????
cricket plays
cricket plays 3 måneder siden
Yes brother you are right. It was good catch of 2020
ADNAN TV 3 måneder siden
Where are catches of bbl like darcy short catch you should also add them
Hitin Sharma
Hitin Sharma 3 måneder siden
Why am i always confused with hazelwood and jason behrendoff
r danush
r danush 3 måneder siden
Where's king kohli catch against aus in 1st test
Rana Mahmood
Rana Mahmood Måned siden
these are only the best catches in England
Andrew Franklin
Andrew Franklin 3 måneder siden
Meet Sangani
Meet Sangani 3 måneder siden
Some catches are not that great. Which not deserves to be in best catches list.
G1X07 3 måneder siden
England promoting there players but only some were worthy
Tuhin Das
Tuhin Das 3 måneder siden
Jadeja missing the Catch in New Zealand
sudha Katkuri
sudha Katkuri 3 måneder siden
They will only show in England beacause of copyright
Sikha Das
Sikha Das 3 måneder siden
TikTok Videos And WhatsApp Status
Ahmed Bilal
Ahmed Bilal 3 måneder siden
NICE EXCELLENT SUPEREB But you miss one catch Pakistan vs New zealand 3rd t20 2020 Daryl Mitchel catch against Haider Ali
Shayaan Mustafa
Shayaan Mustafa 3 måneder siden
This is England cricket
cogidubnus1953 3 måneder siden
Nice compilation...thank you very much!
rocking guy
rocking guy 3 måneder siden
6:55 if it was sarfraz he couldn't take that catch
suraj ambadekar
suraj ambadekar 3 måneder siden
nosections.info/green/uqKUlpamhm-kw74/video.html Bcci domestic
Lower Makers
Lower Makers 3 måneder siden
Koii bhi catch ipl ka ya india ke players ka nhi dikhyaa gya h sale jalte h un sb se😠
Hitin Sharma
Hitin Sharma 3 måneder siden
I think bcci claims copyright strike for it
Fahad Hyder
Fahad Hyder 3 måneder siden
Fakhar zaman ❤️❤️
chamidu Dinushan
chamidu Dinushan 3 måneder siden
Danushka gunathilaka brilliant felder in the world 🌎🌎
Manoj Jain
Manoj Jain 3 måneder siden
All the catches of England or league u can also include catches of other country
Fluorescentpropeller 3 måneder siden
They can’t do that. They don’t have the rights to the footage from other countries.