Kohli's FIRST Test Century in England! | Edgbaston 2018 | England Cricket 

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Watch the moment Kohli broke the curse and secured his first Test century on English soil at Edgbaston in 2018!
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7C 44 Atharv Pawar
7C 44 Atharv Pawar 3 timer siden
Virat in 2018 Smith in 2019 Who will be in 2021
Lav Garg
Lav Garg 6 timer siden
0:10 he converted them into 👏👏
Virat kohli Fan
Virat kohli Fan 7 timer siden
King Kohli 😎🔥
Ahmad Ullah
Ahmad Ullah 9 timer siden
Good batsman Of the world... Love from Pakistan
Dawood Ahmad
Dawood Ahmad 9 timer siden
How may catches dropped by England of virat ,Virat kohli is great 🤣🤣🤣
Technical Education History Rahul Tak
nice this power indian kohil bater then next time
iffipifi1 20 timer siden
I am a simple Pakistani, I either read Urdu poetry or watch Kohli's cover drives
Eeshan Gupta
Eeshan Gupta 21 time siden
Expecting the same this August.
Mohammad Lateef
Mohammad Lateef Dag siden
VK ka koi b catch aaye, pakadna nhi
shiraz khan
shiraz khan Dag siden
not so classy just lucky , twice catch doped by England
Vijay Adithya
Vijay Adithya Dag siden
umer farooq
umer farooq Dag siden
Babar Azam more classy batsman then vk
The sukhwinder singh Show
Babbar sher 🦁... kalla he kaafi ve samne koi hoye.. balle shera...🦁🦁
RpM_ Rahul
RpM_ Rahul 2 dager siden
Kohli 100 , kohli 149 Umesh 0, Umesh 1 England: 😏😏😏
keshab chetry
keshab chetry 3 dager siden
Legend 🔥❤️
Rahul Vishwakarma
Rahul Vishwakarma 3 dager siden
Kholi cover drive😍😍😍
Pandit Armaan Sharma
Pandit Armaan Sharma 3 dager siden
English bowlers bowling very hard length bowl🔥
Avid Traveller
Avid Traveller 3 dager siden
Credit to Umesh for hanging in there
AYUSH BHALGAT 3 dager siden
Anderson always got the better of kohli.
Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan 3 dager siden
Love u Koli ❤❤❤💋💋💋
Puli Chandrasekhar
Puli Chandrasekhar 4 dager siden
I like the England fans.sitting for com and very best fans in the ground.
Mathana Suman
Mathana Suman 4 dager siden
1.20 beautiful than any girl in the planet...
NS boi
NS boi 4 dager siden
1:20 aww 😍 what a pleasant to watch 😘
Susmita Majumder
Susmita Majumder 4 dager siden
King kohli👑🙌
Vedant Shrivastava
Vedant Shrivastava 4 dager siden
Aur log Babur ko Kohli se compare karte hain. What kohli can do Babur can't.
Sajidur Apurba
Sajidur Apurba 5 dager siden
Kohli got almost 10 chances in this innings. Golden luck!!
Azran Hussain
Azran Hussain 5 dager siden
Well played by Kohli . love from pakistan.💚
M C S gyan
M C S gyan 5 dager siden
Adreson is do much more good It is reallity
shailendra kumar
shailendra kumar 5 dager siden
Mahendra Haksar
Mahendra Haksar 5 dager siden
in some situtations india need *****.HE stand for INDIA,TEAM,CRICKET,THE ONE AND ONLY VIRAT KOHLI.
Mahendra Haksar
Mahendra Haksar 5 dager siden
Mahendra Haksar
Mahendra Haksar 5 dager siden
East or West VIRAT KOHLI is the BEST.
Ragini Tare
Ragini Tare 6 dager siden
applying the law of sham tak khelenge here : D
Sanju Samson
Sanju Samson 6 dager siden
Very good!
Khan Akbar
Khan Akbar 6 dager siden
Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 kohli
Messi ff
Messi ff 7 dager siden
King Kohli
Smith Krishna
Smith Krishna 7 dager siden
Kohli and anderson rivalry
Akshay Ravehal
Akshay Ravehal 7 dager siden
5:26 that roar from the king 🔥
Kesara Ekanayake
Kesara Ekanayake 7 dager siden
This guy is crazy Kohli or Smith who would you pick
Aman Sharma
Aman Sharma 8 dager siden
One man army
DiceY OP
DiceY OP 9 dager siden
King kohli🙏
Ambati baby
Ambati baby 9 dager siden
Good player
Zeref Dragneel
Zeref Dragneel 9 dager siden
imagine puting hand inside he shirt to take out the locket but to only find it missing .lol great knock by the king
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar 9 dager siden
Commentator mentioned "His game is on knife edge" 😂
Puli Chandrasekhar
Puli Chandrasekhar 10 dager siden
Kohli is completed batsman in test and one day side.
Stacia Dixie
Stacia Dixie 10 dager siden
The skinny violin booly enjoy because accountant alternately lighten via a unadvised quit. , fallacious brass
Puli Chandrasekhar
Puli Chandrasekhar 10 dager siden
Present indian team is the best in the all formats.
bayazeed khan
bayazeed khan 10 dager siden
Live match
Prasanna Galla
Prasanna Galla 10 dager siden
King is on fire 🔥
Niranjan R
Niranjan R 10 dager siden
So is nobody going to acknowledge that James Anderson still gave him a bit of hell?
op 10 dager siden
King's landing in England
Sohaib Mughal
Sohaib Mughal 10 dager siden
lol itny chance la kar khelna ak player ka liya lannat ka mukam ha haha
Nathan Parsons
Nathan Parsons 10 dager siden
yuth change
yuth change 10 dager siden
Now days virat too much hurry n excited विराट को exercise कम करके खेल पे ज्यादा ध्यान देना चाहिये emotion पे कंट्रोल रखणा चाहिये अनुष्का को समजावो विराट को
Garvit Chittora
Garvit Chittora 11 dager siden
Sher shah Yousafzai
Sher shah Yousafzai 11 dager siden
Proud to be an indian
Manav Ahir
Manav Ahir 11 dager siden
Kohli vs Andersen contest is mouth watering
The Irshad Khan
The Irshad Khan 11 dager siden
Virat Kohli score his 50 runs with ashwin and score a hundred 100 with umesh yadav❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer 11 dager siden
68 matches 1 century even Babar azam is better than him
Just SKV Things
Just SKV Things 6 dager siden
Yes Babar will hit 10 centuries in 5-match test series against England😊
Chirag Mohite
Chirag Mohite 8 dager siden
AstroMaGod 11 dager siden
This is the Kholi we know not the old one
Dilip Mishra
Dilip Mishra 11 dager siden
Kismat vi Bahadur ka saath deta hai
Dilip Mishra
Dilip Mishra 11 dager siden
Always gets Goosebumps wathing this inning
Sher A Bangla
Sher A Bangla 11 dager siden
3 chances at the begining!
Ankit Patro
Ankit Patro 11 dager siden
Why doesn't BCCI has a youtube channel?
Ibbad Bilal
Ibbad Bilal 12 dager siden
No doubt, kohli had a bit fair of luck during his ininngs,but crediting goes to him for keeping himself calm Love from pakistan❤️❤️
Shivansh Sahai
Shivansh Sahai 12 dager siden
James anderson 🙏 great as always
Sanket Deshmukh
Sanket Deshmukh 12 dager siden
We lost this match by just 31 runs kohli made 51 in 4th innings just one partner ship was needed , every one struggled apart from kohli This year we need contributions from each player 1. Rohit 2. Gill / backup opner 3. Pujara 4. Kohli 5. Rahane 6. Pant 7. Hardik 8. Ashwin 9. Shami 10. ishant 11. Bumrah Pandya should bowl atleast 6 to 8 overs per day India should back gill Bench strength : Bhuvi , siraj , shardul , jadeja , kuldeep , mayank , kl , vihari , saha
Sadiq Sheri
Sadiq Sheri 12 dager siden
Run machine👍👍
Aman Jaiswal
Aman Jaiswal 12 dager siden
1:20 what's cover drive
Pa Tel
Pa Tel 13 dager siden
King kohli 👑
Suni Kuriakose
Suni Kuriakose 13 dager siden
YaaSin Ontor
YaaSin Ontor 13 dager siden
Kohli get 3 chance when Anderson bowling.
Hitman Rohith
Hitman Rohith 13 dager siden
One of legdndary batsman in history
Black Tooth Grin
Black Tooth Grin 13 dager siden
The placid sentence occasionally mark because airmail broadly wobble near a groovy kale. sneaky, brave winter
Anju Meena
Anju Meena 13 dager siden
5:25 that roar king is arrived 🇮🇳
Rahul Thakur
Rahul Thakur 14 dager siden
Nalin Nalin
Nalin Nalin 14 dager siden
Super hohli
VK and ABD forever
VK and ABD forever 14 dager siden
VK and ABD forever
VK and ABD forever 14 dager siden
Seetha Rama
Seetha Rama 14 dager siden
Don't mess with Indian's 🔥 We know how to rule the cricket world
cricket is love
cricket is love 14 dager siden
King ❤️
ABHISHEK 14 dager siden
50+ runs partnership between Kohli and Umesh😇😇 Contribution( Kohli 49 Umesh 1run)😂😂 Hats off Umesh Bhai✌️✌️
Shakeel Md Shakeel
Shakeel Md Shakeel 14 dager siden
Best batsman in the world
Anurag Sakure
Anurag Sakure 14 dager siden
One indian skipper equals to 11 english players.
rahul baria
rahul baria 14 dager siden
The Runmachine
harpreet 780
harpreet 780 14 dager siden
king kohli🤴 class
Cheap luxury goods
Cheap luxury goods 14 dager siden
I love sri lankan team and india team
ishaan rohmetra
ishaan rohmetra 14 dager siden
he was dropped 3 times till 21. some luck he go that day
SAI RAM 14 dager siden
Ruchit Gandhi
Ruchit Gandhi 14 dager siden
its a great innings no doubt....but not to forget how many times he was edged and was also lucky at many ocassions.....great innings but not masterclass
Boaz Masih
Boaz Masih 14 dager siden
British spectators in stadium = standard crowd appreciating with rhythmic applaud
veerendra kumar kalisetty
Such a stylish batsman
veerendra kumar kalisetty
King kohli
Anand Shukla
Anand Shukla 15 dager siden
Virat kohli is best batsman in the world
All_In_ One
All_In_ One 15 dager siden
Missing the King's Century😫😫
Anurag Mohan
Anurag Mohan 15 dager siden
5:25 every indian fan is waiting for this moment for his 71st century
Sumit Ghaywat
Sumit Ghaywat 15 dager siden
Again we are coming in England for 5 test
annabond sunkra
annabond sunkra 15 dager siden
Sanjay Narayanan
Sanjay Narayanan 15 dager siden
That's VK for you.. Such a Fighter.. And a Great Leader🥰