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Relive the incredible moment when long-serving England Cricketer Jimmy Anderson hit a monumental milestone of 600 Test Wickets!
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22. des.. 2020





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Md sanim Sanim
Md sanim Sanim 4 dager siden
From Bangladesh big fan 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩❤️
Prathamesh Sarode
Prathamesh Sarode 10 dager siden
In spin department in current generation Ravichandran Ashwin is best 💪👑nd in fast bowling department according to swing and proper test line and length Jimmy Anderson is best but Don't underestimate the power of Jaspirt Bumrah 💙💙💙
Jandal Khan
Jandal Khan 18 dager siden
Ummati Mohammad
Ummati Mohammad 18 dager siden
Haters Only in English Conditions. So what? Wicket means wicket. Why home and away are coming here? You guys just can comment. But have no energy to ball like him
Rina Mondol
Rina Mondol 29 dager siden
Jimmy 💪💪👍
Om Chaudhari
Om Chaudhari Måned siden
Om Chaudhari
Om Chaudhari Måned siden
I want Jimmy Anderson to take 700 wickets in test match and break the record of Shane warne.
syed haziq
syed haziq Måned siden
Ecb lions❤️❤️❤️
Shabana Asgher
Shabana Asgher Måned siden
2:28 yep. That long haired mate is Broad.
kshitij guleria
kshitij guleria Måned siden
Home track bully
ishan shende
ishan shende Måned siden
David beckham of cricket..legend
physics galaxy op
physics galaxy op Måned siden
The way he bowls is pure magic for me
Sheikh Ubair
Sheikh Ubair Måned siden
"He's the master in art of swing" -Kevin Pieterson
Md Atiqur Rahman
Md Atiqur Rahman Måned siden
Unfortunately incredible bowler! 🔥🔥🔥
pavan Chalvadi
pavan Chalvadi Måned siden
A bowler having such big career is still a dream for many
Rohit Bhatnagar
Rohit Bhatnagar Måned siden
Arunabh Das
Arunabh Das Måned siden
barry Måned siden
Anderson Milestone wickets in his Test Cricket career: 2003 - 1st wicket - Mark Vermeulen, Zimbabwe 2007 - 50th wicket - MS Dhoni, India 2008 - 100th wicket - Jacques Kallis, South Africa 2010 - 150th wicket - Graeme Smith, South Africa 2010 - 200th wicket - Peter Siddle, Australia 2012 - 250th wicket - Lahiru Thirimanne, Sri Lanka 2013 - 300th wicket - Peter Fulton, New Zealand 2014 - 350th wicket - Angelo Mathews, Sri Lanka 2015 - 384th wicket - Denesh Ramdin, West Indies (Overtaken Sir Ian Botham as England's leading Test wicket-taker) 2015 - 400th wicket - Martin Guptill, New Zealand 2016 - 450th wicket - Rangana Herath, Sri Lanka 2017 - 500th wicket -Kraigg Brathwaite, West Indies 2018 - 550th wicket - Murali Vijay, India 2018 - 564th wicket - Mohammed Shami, India (Overtaken Glenn McGrath as leading Test wicket-taker among fast bowlers) 2020 - 600th wicket - Azhar Ali, Pakistan and now Jimmy Anderson has entered the exclusive “600 Club.”
Nasrin Sultana
Nasrin Sultana Måned siden
Jimmy Anderson is bowling master 🇬🇧🏏
Nasrin Sultana
Nasrin Sultana Måned siden
Jimmy Anderson is always my legend
Zain Khan
Zain Khan Måned siden
Great bowler
prabhath malinda
prabhath malinda Måned siden
He may be honored as sir James Anderson after his retire
Udit kumar Patra
Udit kumar Patra Måned siden
All Indian are here
Shady Sandhu
Shady Sandhu Måned siden
Ridhiraj Singh
Ridhiraj Singh Måned siden
My Favourite Bowler 👌 ( Jimmy The Legend )
Aman Saikia
Aman Saikia Måned siden
5:00 Joker spotted😂
सारांश गुप्ता
Truly a bowler with class.
Cricket Update
Cricket Update Måned siden
My favorite bowler James Anderson
ni na
ni na Måned siden
Good Bowler indeed but Conditions Apply* Bowler...no where near Steyn, Marshall or Akram. He can't take wickets on hard Australian pitches where POMs bite the dust and he is absent from Wicket taking scenes. No offence but he is not effective when conditions are challenging. One trick pony but longevity and English conditions helped him get 600+.
Ayush K
Ayush K Måned siden
Super Jimmy
James Blake
James Blake Måned siden
That 600th wicket deserved a croud man such a shame but nonetheless and incredible feat!
Apurba Baruah
Apurba Baruah Måned siden
Best bowler ever ❤
Pratyaksh Verma
Pratyaksh Verma 2 måneder siden
MASTERPEACE FF 2 måneder siden
Ring,ring swing😍
Veer Dhar Mishra
Veer Dhar Mishra 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Anderson !!!!!!
Bob Willis
Bob Willis 2 måneder siden
Indians say he can only play at home, until he recently shredded their batting order to pieces with ease
Avirup Lahiri
Avirup Lahiri 2 måneder siden
Alastar cook seems like an Indian.... *Is it me or anyone also felt it?*
SHUBHAM RAKESH 2 måneder siden
When I started watching the game Harmison, Hoggard, Jones and Flintoff were the best Eng had. Jimmy really broke through with his perfomances in 2009 Ashes, 2010 Ashes Down Under and 2011 IND VS ENG, WHEN HE PLAYED A MASSIVE ROLE IN DENTING INDIA AND FORCING FEW PLAYERS TO RETIRE.
Sarwan Khushk
Sarwan Khushk 2 måneder siden
Prithivi Adhikari
Prithivi Adhikari 2 måneder siden
Who will finished top in most wickets in test career between Anderson & Broad?
Epic fish
Epic fish 2 måneder siden
And his Mum is bang tidy
FOODY'S PARADISE 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Please don't retire mate.
Mohammed Hafeji
Mohammed Hafeji 2 måneder siden
King of swing
Mohammed Hafeji
Mohammed Hafeji 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Anderson is best fast bowler in test cricket history ever
Aarav Worah
Aarav Worah 2 måneder siden
his parents look depressed 😂
NKV Coconut Traders
NKV Coconut Traders 2 måneder siden
Pull shot is the best shot to play against him....
Icon Nagaraj
Icon Nagaraj 2 måneder siden
Legends don't cross the line.. remember how Anderson behaved with Ravindra jadeja back in times..!? Anderson is a bull eeeee
Sk Manzur Uddin
Sk Manzur Uddin 2 måneder siden
King👑 of swing
Malinda Fernando
Malinda Fernando 2 måneder siden
\well done, truly a legend, first fast bowler to achieve the milestone. you have made Cricket even great with your talent. cheers
Qudrat Ullah
Qudrat Ullah 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Anderson my favorite bowler
Angaruj Saikia
Angaruj Saikia 2 måneder siden
My favorite....
Azza Rashh
Azza Rashh 2 måneder siden
Me to MrFlows(Promoting vid on almost every comment here: Band karo mai haat jor ke guzarish karta ho..
Andy Burge
Andy Burge 2 måneder siden
This is an incredible achievement - of skill and of stamina, and it is and should be admired in the modern game. But comparison shows that Fred Trueman was the better bowler; Take these stats to prove it. JA has taken 600 test wkts in 156 matches and 291 innings His wkts per inn is 2.06 His wkts per match is 3.84 His SR is 56.2 His Econ is 2.85 His ave is 26.79 FST took 307 test wkts in 67 matches and 127 innings His wkts per inn is 2.37 His wkts per match is 4.58 His SR 49.4 His Econ is 2.61 His ave is 21.57 And Fred never had the chance to bowl against emerging teams like Zimbabwe, Bangladesh or Ireland. On every measure, Trueman was the more effective bowler. Had Trueman had the opportunity of the number of matches and teams available to Anderson together with the medical treatment and diet available to modern players, it would interesting to compare the two on that basis - but on stats alone - Fred remains the best
MECH1 TECH1 3 måneder siden
Great achievement
TÅLHÄ SHËR 3 måneder siden
Iam able to do swing because of jimmy you are my teacher
Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma 3 måneder siden
Does not stand any where in front of great 🏁DALE STEYN 🏁. Anderson is only good in english condition but 🏁 STEYN GUN🏁 is excellent all around the world
Kaushik Borwankar
Kaushik Borwankar 3 måneder siden
Asish Panda
Asish Panda 3 måneder siden
Jimmy is a god in England. However, Steyn beats him in other grounds. Although both are my favourite, Steyn will always be my best bowler along with Zaheer
pro memer
pro memer 3 måneder siden
When sarfarz Nawaz do this you call cheting and now you called it art
SOUL GAMING 3 måneder siden
He cant do nothing in indian condition
Musik freak 123
Musik freak 123 3 måneder siden
SHIVKANTH S M 3 måneder siden
Jasmeet kaur
Jasmeet kaur 3 måneder siden
Jimmy is goat
Niraj Shirkar
Niraj Shirkar 3 måneder siden
Why does English cricket board doesnt select him in odi and T20is now
Fluorescentpropeller 2 måneder siden
To prolong his Test career.
Nithilan Dhanasekaran
Nithilan Dhanasekaran 3 måneder siden
James Anderson is and will always be the greatest bowler of all time for me in test cricket. Well done mate! Proud to be a fan of English Cricket.
Dave Ross
Dave Ross 3 måneder siden
Still not in the top 10 test bowlers of all time and he would find it hard to be in the top 20.
Arpit Aggarwal
Arpit Aggarwal 3 måneder siden
Caught:Cook and Ball:Anderson, idk how many times we have seen that🤔
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar 3 måneder siden
0:47 truly said that he is a star in making
Sd Mnta
Sd Mnta 3 måneder siden
James anderson is my favourite cricketer
Aniket Das
Aniket Das 3 måneder siden
Jeams Anderson is King of Swing
Hassaan ahmad
Hassaan ahmad 3 måneder siden
nosections.info/green/r6KIbXaliKdkq9A/video.html Shahid afridi greatest knock against Sri Lanka
Sparsh Vaishnav
Sparsh Vaishnav 3 måneder siden
Jimmy Anderson is arguably the greatest bowler in England cricket history.
AAS SXIIi3287 3 måneder siden
I want similar vibes when our legendary batsman virat will take retirement with 12000 runs along with legendary spinner Ashwin who will be eyeing to his 400th wicket next year against England in India
Mohammed Ansar
Mohammed Ansar 3 måneder siden
King of swing!
Asad Rehman
Asad Rehman 3 måneder siden
He deserves such respect..he is a living legend...
Gaurav Gaisenn
Gaurav Gaisenn 3 måneder siden
After he got his 300th wicket he was very consistent. In his first 10 years - 300 wickets In his last 7 years - 300 wickets When he grows older he plays even more brilliantly.
Rickie Antoine
Rickie Antoine 3 måneder siden
Good work Jimmy congratulations hard work pays off big up
Brijesh Patel
Brijesh Patel 3 måneder siden
James Anderson 👑 king of swing
Harshit Sagar
Harshit Sagar 3 måneder siden
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Berozgaar Zain
Berozgaar Zain 3 måneder siden
Love and respect and ❤️ for the LEGEND
Sahil Akhtar
Sahil Akhtar 3 måneder siden
High class bowler
SuMaN DeY 3 måneder siden
Steven Finn looks totally changed
Nikhil Kumar
Nikhil Kumar 3 måneder siden
Joe Root all time favourite England batsman
Mashrur Ahmed
Mashrur Ahmed 3 måneder siden
Ronav Patel
Ronav Patel 3 måneder siden
Jimmy congratulations 🎉
Harsh Gupta
Harsh Gupta 3 måneder siden
Absolute Fuckin Legend. Hat's off man
Shailesh Rana
Shailesh Rana 3 måneder siden
I'm huge James Anderson fan 😍🥰
Sunny Singh
Sunny Singh 3 måneder siden
Please use Jimmy Anderson in t20 and odi please I am also a right arm medium Pacer and a diehard fan of Jimmy Anderson please give him a chance in t20 and odi I know he will perform very well like tests in t20 and odi please 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Balram Dhaker
Balram Dhaker 3 måneder siden
Love you Anderson ❤️💙
Hydra Gaming
Hydra Gaming 3 måneder siden
0:50 broad after 6 sixes 😂😂 No hate just kidding James is king of swing
Mohsin Beigh
Mohsin Beigh 3 måneder siden
taking so many wickets in this era where almost rule benefits batsmen is just beautiful!
Dr Zakir Naik Speeches
Dr Zakir Naik Speeches 3 måneder siden
Asslam o Alaikum Brothers & Sisters from Team Dr Zakir Naik Speeches! nosections.info Watch here Weekly Live Question & Answer Sessions!
Ramim Khan
Ramim Khan 3 måneder siden
One of the all time legends in cricket history 💖💖
PRO BANTAI 3 måneder siden
My childhood favourites were Cook and Anderson in test...
zeeshan shah
zeeshan shah 3 måneder siden
600 wicket imagine what would the atmosphere with the houseful crowed
C. P. Patil
C. P. Patil 3 måneder siden
Sakib Islam
Sakib Islam 3 måneder siden
England vs India 1st t20 2020 highlights
Shreyas Singh
Shreyas Singh 3 måneder siden
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Pratyay Biswas
Pratyay Biswas 3 måneder siden
Living legend!!
Usama Shyd
Usama Shyd 3 måneder siden
He is not a medium pacer assholes.. he is a fast bowler!!!!