THE FINAL! | England v Pakistan 2020 | Make Your Vote Count! | IT20 World Cup of Matches 

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We've reached the final of our T20 World Cup of Matches! Have your say by commenting '2nd IT20' or '3rd IT20' to vote for your winner! ⬇️
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England & Wales Cricket Board
IT'S THE FINAL! 🔥We've relived some CLASSIC IT20 moments throughout the competition but it's time to pick your overall winner! ⚡️Comment with *2nd IT20* or *3rd IT20* to vote for your favourite match! ⬇️
Sharif Pathan
Sharif Pathan Dag siden
my vote 🗳 for england 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.
Muhammad Imran Bashaira
3rd t20
vishnu venkatraman
vishnu venkatraman 12 dager siden
@Cricket England you said this is indias worst test team in its cricket history if it got out on 36
Cricket England
Cricket England 12 dager siden
@vishnu venkatraman and when have I ever said Indian were the worst test team! Eh
vishnu venkatraman
vishnu venkatraman 12 dager siden
@Cricket England though india got all out on 36 they thrashed Australia and then England so if you say this is indias worst test team then that says many things about England's test team. Also England have won only one cwc that too on your home soil. India have won 2 cwc
Usama Riaz
Usama Riaz 2 timer siden
3rd IT20😍
TERMINATOR AHMED 7 timer siden
Music is evergreen
Music is evergreen 7 timer siden
3rd t20
Mohammad Ahmed cricket channel
i am decided pakistan is the winner
Devil of Hell's Kitchen
Tbh this is not the English Squad that you're gonna see in world cup. They're using their B team here, they're playing Tom Curran, Saqib Mahmood, L Gregory, Sam Billings.. these are are good but I'm sure they won't play in big matches. There's no Roy, Root, Stokes, Buttler, Archer, wood, etc.. and they still managed to win in 2nd t20i and almost win in 3rd t20i
Tahaam Abbas 4-A
Tahaam Abbas 4-A 22 timer siden
muhammad yasir
muhammad yasir Dag siden
Aijaz Khan
Aijaz Khan Dag siden
The professor
muhammad khan
muhammad khan Dag siden
3rd t20
Muhammad Bhesania
3rd t20
Saif Saif
Saif Saif 2 dager siden
tbh england got smashed
Mujeeb Saifi
Mujeeb Saifi 2 dager siden
One like for our dad
Hazrat Ali
Hazrat Ali 2 dager siden
Missing England crowd due to Corona 😔😔😔They respect every team every player
βLΔCҜ LIST 2 dager siden
Sarfraj after miss stumping bhai Gaali mat dena 😜😜
Saim Ishtiaq
Saim Ishtiaq 3 dager siden
PAKISTAN I Love you ❤️❤️
Bilal Siddiqui Official
Great Match 🇵🇰
Sports Gossips
Sports Gossips 3 dager siden
Hafeez & Babar 🔥❣️
Smita jain Jain
Smita jain Jain 3 dager siden
Jyotmic yt
Jyotmic yt 3 dager siden
England Winner
Syed Yasir
Syed Yasir 4 dager siden
3rd t20..
Asif Baloch
Asif Baloch 8 dager siden
Mujy ik bath smj me nhi arahi k jab PAKISTAN 194 ya 196 yarget deke per b har jathe hai jab 152 lag bag target dedo to per jeeth jathe jai
Palaniappan Nangmuthu
Palaniappan Nangmuthu 9 dager siden
I am an indian i will support England 😊 but pakisthan is the enimy of india,
Injamul Hoque
Injamul Hoque 9 dager siden
My bigg fan babar azam love u so much babar
Ali sports
Ali sports 11 dager siden
mansi ki jhan
mansi ki jhan 11 dager siden
Makarand Shendkar
Makarand Shendkar 12 dager siden
Sarfraz chutiya hai
Tanushree Chandra
Tanushree Chandra 12 dager siden
Pakistan is a loser team
Muhammad Khizer
Muhammad Khizer 12 dager siden
Pakistan I vote for
Rajdeep Lahiri
Rajdeep Lahiri 13 dager siden
2nd IT20
Saif Alam
Saif Alam 13 dager siden
20:18 kr kya rha tha kon sa ball khoj rha tha
Danish Abbasi
Danish Abbasi 13 dager siden
chilledoutfela 14 dager siden
Hongkong or Nepal will win the world Cup this year😂😂😂
Sarita Rajora
Sarita Rajora 14 dager siden
Why are they all bowling so short?
Sarita Rajora
Sarita Rajora 14 dager siden
Yes u r right
Arjun Tantubai
Arjun Tantubai 14 dager siden
King Faizan
King Faizan 14 dager siden
Only india can beat England
Bilal Badshah
Bilal Badshah 14 dager siden
Ashish Sawadia
Ashish Sawadia 14 dager siden
Loved it ❤️
cute girl pooja
cute girl pooja 15 dager siden
Morgan king of t20 format
Muhammad Umar
Muhammad Umar 15 dager siden
3rd ..🇵🇰🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Jayanti Prusty
Jayanti Prusty 15 dager siden
Jayanti Prusty
Jayanti Prusty 15 dager siden
3rd i20
Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Bajrangi Bhaijaan 15 dager siden
Sarfraz do again at20:00😂
Vickram Soni
Vickram Soni 16 dager siden
Amir ko wapis lao pakistan cricket team ko zarurat hai or Amir k bina pakistan kuch bhi nhi h ❤️ Love pakistan from India
Mahdi Oun Zaidi
Mahdi Oun Zaidi 16 dager siden
I think 3rd odi
Sara raza
Sara raza 17 dager siden
3rd it20 pakistab is the winner
BIKARISTAN PM 17 dager siden
Sabbas sabbas lool 😀😀😀
Muhammad Mushtaq
Muhammad Mushtaq 17 dager siden
great job england & wales cb you are a true cricket lover channel hat off you
Humayun Sultan
Humayun Sultan 18 dager siden
3rd t20i
Umer Mehmood
Umer Mehmood 18 dager siden
3rd IT20
061- Danish Shafi
061- Danish Shafi 18 dager siden
Pakistan zindabad
Basant Lal
Basant Lal 19 dager siden
Basant Lal
Basant Lal 19 dager siden
Nafis Khan
Nafis Khan 19 dager siden
Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩❤
Rashid 19 dager siden
Thanks ecb
Hasan Raju
Hasan Raju 20 dager siden
Muhammad Abdullah Ovais
3rd t2oi
Ammar Arshad
Ammar Arshad 20 dager siden
3rd t20😍
ajaz rizvi
ajaz rizvi 20 dager siden
23.09 Sarfraz Bombay ki Tapori language Howat Hai 😂😂😂😂
Shaikh Jafar
Shaikh Jafar 21 dag siden
Soheb malik very bad batsman for Pakistan
Sindh Salon
Sindh Salon 21 dag siden
asif ullah khan
asif ullah khan 22 dager siden
Nighat Farooq
Nighat Farooq 22 dager siden
Pakistan won
Muhammad Sazzad Hossain
Babar and Rauf are fighting
MUHAMMAD BIN SAQIB. 23 dager siden
MAYB3 APEX 23 dager siden
cricket reports
cricket reports 23 dager siden
3 t20
Iftikhar Ali
Iftikhar Ali 23 dager siden
Star sports.chenal
Technical Facts By Ayaan
Babar angry to Haris Rauf 23:36
K T 24 dager siden
Tom currans bowling is very ordinary not suitable for any format....unless he improves seriously his batting power hitting. Otherwise he won't be able to keep his place
Be like Parkour
Be like Parkour 24 dager siden
2nd IT20 for sure by heart❤️👍🏻
Fortnightr 24 dager siden
3rd IT20
ishal Rehman
ishal Rehman 24 dager siden
Javed Azam
Javed Azam 24 dager siden
3rd t20 Pakistan.
S K GAMING STAR 25 dager siden
anjanish papolu
anjanish papolu 25 dager siden
And cricket aus
Shaid Chouhan
Shaid Chouhan 25 dager siden
Eng good team
Pankaj naik
Pankaj naik 25 dager siden
Hafeez is best at age of 40
Hanan Akram
Hanan Akram 25 dager siden
Babar Azam
Muazzam arshad vlogs
Muazzam arshad vlogs 26 dager siden
Pakistan zindabad
MrKingOfClap 26 dager siden
3rd it20
Ilyas Khan
Ilyas Khan 26 dager siden
Both teams won by 5 wickets and loss by 5 wickets no difference between won or loss.
TM GEEK plus
TM GEEK plus 26 dager siden
Zayd Haroon
Zayd Haroon 26 dager siden
3rd T20I
Seeker of Truth
Seeker of Truth 26 dager siden
Once again. Poor bowling from Pakistan
Akula Rajkumar
Akula Rajkumar 27 dager siden
Fakhar zamane was first batsman of scoring 200 in one day international matches
Asghar Butt
Asghar Butt 27 dager siden
Dinesh Kartik
Dinesh Kartik 27 dager siden
Seta Imran
Seta Imran 27 dager siden
This is Why We are Not Love Pakistani Cricketers
Selvaraj Subburoyal
Selvaraj Subburoyal 27 dager siden
NZC and Windies cricket channel are better than ur channel
AK Talal
AK Talal 27 dager siden
3rd t20
Devanshu Rana
Devanshu Rana 28 dager siden
zee.gamer21 28 dager siden
Pakistan zinda bad
THUG ZARIII 28 dager siden
Seƚʋɑɾɑsự E 4642
sandeep pandey
sandeep pandey 22 dager siden
हां.... क्यों नहीं तुम लोग ऐतिहासिक गद्दार जो हो
Tahir Ishaq
Tahir Ishaq 28 dager siden
Zeeshan bhaai
Zeeshan bhaai 28 dager siden
Pakistan Zindabad ❤️🇵🇰✌️ Forever
kingkhan Kingkhan
kingkhan Kingkhan 28 dager siden
babar number 1
Rohan Kumar
Rohan Kumar 28 dager siden
Without Stokes butler archer wood England put good fight..well played Pakistan..
Pawan Jyala
Pawan Jyala 29 dager siden
Sarfraz chutiyaaa
Abdul Gaming
Abdul Gaming 29 dager siden
World cup 2020 ???
Henry Nichols
Henry Nichols 29 dager siden
The weak format relatively smile because man regularly ask to a panoramic cemetery. plucky, remarkable sardine
Insane Military Pull Up record
Insane Military Pull Up record