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Sheikh Suleiman
Sheikh Suleiman Time siden
what frustrates me is pak had won this match and they let the win slip from their hands. imagine if they won here, what would happen at wtc standings
Gourishankar Reddy
This is the day Indian cricket changed forever thanks to dada and his runaway renegades
Aditya Narayan Gaur
Any one knows about the BGM
Soggy Sharky
Soggy Sharky Time siden
What channel can I find all the game highlights?
Liaqatali12345 Liaqatali12345
Only in home ground😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜
Liaqatali12345 Liaqatali12345
Where Hales now This is Eng cricket board🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Liaqatali12345 Liaqatali12345
Babar azam sy to behtr ye khyl gya kis nmbr py aa k wo b 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😜
Faran 2 timer siden
Beginning commentary is hilarious
Arif Khan
Arif Khan 2 timer siden
Arif Khan
Arif Khan 2 timer siden
jilshad khan
jilshad khan 2 timer siden
Moin ali is good muslim player
Jeet Bhatia
Jeet Bhatia 2 timer siden
0:14 (pat Cummins)
Nazia Naheed
Nazia Naheed 2 timer siden
Eng Vs pak
Junior Coder
Junior Coder 2 timer siden
Jos Buttler Jos Buttler Jos Buttler Jos Buttler Jos Buttler Jos Buttler Jos Buttler Jos Buttler Jos Buttler Jos Buttler Jos Buttler Buttler
Enna vendum umaku
Enna vendum umaku 3 timer siden
Shami had hair 🤣
smarty hotty
smarty hotty 3 timer siden
No doubt he was a good player with solid technique
FEAR LESS 3 timer siden
My bst player
M.S.A palasi
M.S.A palasi 3 timer siden
Great cricketer... I love moeen Ali from India
7C 44 Atharv Pawar
7C 44 Atharv Pawar 3 timer siden
Virat in 2018 Smith in 2019 Who will be in 2021
SM Hamza
SM Hamza 3 timer siden
No one noticed yet, Steve Smith slightly using younis Khan,s technique,
Tathagata Datta
Tathagata Datta 4 timer siden
May be nowadays players have six pack.. But it takes a real guts to wave your national shirt like this in their homeground... Hats off to you the greatest captain india have ever produced ...sourav ganguly🙏🙏🙏❤
Vijay Chauhan
Vijay Chauhan 4 timer siden
Congratulations 🦁🇮🇳
Tanmay Das
Tanmay Das 4 timer siden
Did you notice the kipper got bowl on his jaw in the last🤣
Furqan Khan Khattak
Furqan Khan Khattak 4 timer siden
Absilute legend Younish Khan. Also the English crowd is amazing as it appreciates good cricket. Kudos to English spectators
Sabu Molla
Sabu Molla 4 timer siden
I am bangladeshi but I like yoùnis khan because he is very very good performer
Abhimanyu Abhi
Abhimanyu Abhi 4 timer siden
Initially VK used to make leg Spinners run for their life 😂😂
TERMINATOR AHMED 4 timer siden
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan 5 timer siden
"I think he might have been hit in the UnMentionables" lol😂😂
Music is evergreen
Music is evergreen 5 timer siden
3rd t20
Syed Asad
Syed Asad 5 timer siden
One of my favorite matches
Lav Garg
Lav Garg 6 timer siden
0:10 he converted them into 👏👏
Anant 6 timer siden
Isse jayda shor toh legendary MSD KO TV par dekhar macha dete hai
Sachin Dabas
Sachin Dabas 6 timer siden
Twist plot: Mascarenhas is brother of broad
Mehdi Hassan
Mehdi Hassan 6 timer siden
1:38 Ricking Ponting was eating Vimal😂
Subham Goyal
Subham Goyal 6 timer siden
Ind vs Eng This show why Ind is considered chase master.
Aadhil 6 timer siden
Love from sri lanka 😍 fantastic player moeen ali 🔥🔥
Uma Rao
Uma Rao 6 timer siden
Test matches which Australians will remember forever Edgbaston 2005 Headingley 2019 Gabba 2021
Mohammad Ahmed cricket channel
i am decided pakistan is the winner
Chanchal Bari
Chanchal Bari 6 timer siden
1:42 kohli's reaction 😂
Virat kohli Fan
Virat kohli Fan 6 timer siden
King Kohli 😎🔥
jitendra health bd
jitendra health bd 7 timer siden
Good job moeen
Bhavya Kothari
Bhavya Kothari 7 timer siden
Love from India 🇮🇳
World Cricket
World Cricket 7 timer siden
Good moeen
Devil of Hell's Kitchen
Tbh this is not the English Squad that you're gonna see in world cup. They're using their B team here, they're playing Tom Curran, Saqib Mahmood, L Gregory, Sam Billings.. these are are good but I'm sure they won't play in big matches. There's no Roy, Root, Stokes, Buttler, Archer, wood, etc.. and they still managed to win in 2nd t20i and almost win in 3rd t20i
HARSHAL PAWAR 8 timer siden
Kuldip Prashar
Kuldip Prashar 8 timer siden
Good Virat Kohli isn't a fast bowler. The celebrations then.
ollie Dyson
ollie Dyson 8 timer siden
Root can bowl
Rahul toni
Rahul toni 8 timer siden
Thks y
ben stokes' world cup catch against SA
Rahul toni
Rahul toni 8 timer siden
Miss y
Rahul toni
Rahul toni 8 timer siden
Home 🏡 location
Rahul toni
Rahul toni 8 timer siden
PK Style
PK Style 8 timer siden
Best use of review.
Ahmad Ullah
Ahmad Ullah 9 timer siden
Good batsman Of the world... Love from Pakistan
Md Rakibul Islam
Md Rakibul Islam 9 timer siden
Who came here after the CSK vs RR 2021 IPL match....?
Abhi Abhi
Abhi Abhi 9 timer siden
But why that wasn't out on naked eye 🤣😉🤣 ridiculous
Saeed Rajput
Saeed Rajput 9 timer siden
Pakistan Zindabad😊
Dawood Ahmad
Dawood Ahmad 9 timer siden
How may catches dropped by England of virat ,Virat kohli is great 🤣🤣🤣
Mridul Bhavi
Mridul Bhavi 9 timer siden
Sarah Taylor bolkr England wale De Kock ko khila rhe the. Ye to cheating hai.😂😂😂😂
Shikhil Dhingra
Shikhil Dhingra 9 timer siden
10:10 imraan Hashmi ne out krwaya sehwag ko.. Those who know good rest Pogo dekho 😂😂😂
James Plays Cricket
James Plays Cricket 9 timer siden
Wowie, some comeback that was by Somerset! Well played 👏
RS KI Vines
RS KI Vines 9 timer siden
Kudus to Moen Ali !! The one man Army ❤️
Greg Forse
Greg Forse 10 timer siden
What's funny about this match is that it was almost a reverse of the cricket that many of us remember from the 90s and early 2000s. Australia in a commanding position due to solid early play, they cracked totally under the pressure and individual brilliance from England carried them to victory. Back in the day it was Warne, Ponting, Lee, Hayden and Gilly doing that to us time after time.
Technical Education History Rahul Tak
nice t20 india and england very nice match
Technical Education History Rahul Tak
nice match ben stokes is very good rahul tak (ind.)
Technical Education History Rahul Tak
nice mach india and england very nice
Iraj Verma
Iraj Verma 10 timer siden
Question : Why do you need butler when you have Tom Curran Answer : 4:07 😎😎😎
Technical Education History Rahul Tak
nice this power indian kohil bater then next time
jeet sangha
jeet sangha 11 timer siden
Kuldeep yadav ball to dismiss babar azam in wc2019 deserved to be in this list.that ball was a peach of delivery against world class batsmen.
sadaf Matloob
sadaf Matloob 11 timer siden
1st match eng
#Rj. GAMER 11 timer siden
No youraj sing vs stuart broad 😂🤣🤣🤣
m.kumar 11 timer siden
Y Flintoff got retirement cricket early..he colud play more for england
shahzaib Gaming
shahzaib Gaming 11 timer siden
Amir will never for gotten
Shadow_007 11 timer siden
Why was there no commentary
Manas Gaming
Manas Gaming 11 timer siden
No one wants to talk about rayudu century
Khaja Garibull
Khaja Garibull 12 timer siden
Moien bhai super 💝
ARIF ANSARI 12 timer siden
What a amazing performance Against aus481 Against pak408
Syed Rohail Ahmed
Syed Rohail Ahmed 12 timer siden
First 20 overs: England played like a T20 match.
Soumalya Karmakar
Soumalya Karmakar 13 timer siden
I like and vote is eng vs sa